Ten best indoor playground equipment suppliers in the world 2019

ten best indoor playground equipment suppliers in the world

Looking for indoor playground equipment for your playground? Then the following fabulous list of ten best indoor playground equipment suppliers in the world may give you a reference. These reliant suppliers can offer you a custom design based on your budget, your audience, and your space. This custom design can not only help save your start-up cost but also maximize the return on your investment.

Ten best indoor playground equipment suppliers that you can choose as your business partner

1. Iplayco


As the sustained suppliers of offering their customers soft and creative playground system, and their customers of Iplayco may come from different fields, like municipalities, recreation centers, fitness facilities, dental offices, hospitals, children’s hospitals, resort hotels, aquariums/zoos, children’s museums, retail shopping centers, churches, restaurants, and other public groups.

By designing and supplying safe, durable, fun and premium-quality indoor playgrounds for children, Iplayco earns itself the first place among the indoor playgrounds equipment suppliers in the world. They are a global authority both in customizing indoor playgrounds and design a theme for children, young teens, and toddlers. Iplayco owns a special way to provide organizations, institutions and family-friendly businesses with an imaginative, progressive and didactic entertaining system or theme. If you want to have some fun, get educated or decorate a place with an original appearance, it is better for you to contact us to get the solutions.

Iplayco has two major business segments, including providing the children with various play structures, which is made in Langley, Bulgaria, Sofia, Philippines, Subic Bay, Canada, Columbia, and British. And running family play centers, and you may come across in Canada, Columbia, British, and Langley. In those centers, the various physical obstacles and many kinds of challenging things that will bring you a lot of fun.those funny events and obstacles bring you an immersive and exciting experience.

2. Soft Play LLC

Soft Play LLC

In 1984, four men in a barn created the Soft Play to start the playgrounds business. Those founders invented a new play structure which quickly took the place of conventional outdoor entertainment structures.and because of their new products, they soon began their business cooperation with several biggest brands in America.

Nowadays, the soft play has already grown to be the chief supplier of indoor playgrounds equipment in over 60 counties. Their professional skills, abundant experiences, strong commitment can help you to provide children and families a joyful and interesting experience. For each client, they may have a different request on their playgrounds, and the soft play can meet all the requests by their unique skills. All the equipment in soft play can be made into different size according to different age groups. Usually, what we cared most is the product quality, and the soft play ensures all their products comply with or even exceed the ASTM standards. They performed the wide cycle and harmful examination to confirm their equipment can live up to every children’s imagination.

Soft play was the primary company to make the up level ADA accessible to the play system. This alteration not only made it possible for children to enjoy themselves in play events but also enables the community to develop towards multicultural.

3. AAA state of play

AAA state of play

Created in 2006, AAA State Of Play went through a long time to behave more than a playground distributor. The aaa state of play is a commercial company to supply playground equipment. Nowadays, they are not just only the playground distributors, but also the manufacturer, supplier, importer and so on. The playgrounds designed by aaa state of play have been sold to every state in united states and many countries around the world, and that makes them feels proud.

AAA state of play is trying to make it easier for clients to purchase their multiple quality equipment. In order to achieve this, the company will provide the installing instructions and even the installing service. If you have any questions about dealing with your order, the designated representatives from aaa state of play company will offer you effective solutions.and if you have some difficulties in making the purchasing decision, you can also ask the representatives to offer the information related to the products to you.

Nicolas Breedlove, the founder of aaa state of play, is the company president now. He said he feels very proud when seeing the customers have a great time during the purchasing process. And best of all, their clients’ finished projects and the bright smile on children’s face brings him the strongest feelings.

4. Superior Recreational Products

During the past 3 decades, in order to help their customers to play, relax and live, Superior recreational products strives all the way to develop and improve their product lines. Their businesses cover the designing and manufacturing of outdoor steel, recycled, playgrounds, shelter, shade structures, and commercial site furnishings. Through the improvement of product lines, they could provide their customers with a wonderful outdoor environment. As well as enrich customers’lives, foster communities and help them to concentrate on the most important things.

In superior recreational products, plenty of their playground structures and accessory are ADA friendly, and that is critical in meeting the demands of thousands of children. During the past years, they have been insisting on designing sustainable products and using the raw materials that almost have no damage to the environment.

To help each child spend a happy time with their families, the superior recreational products has never stopped improving and innovating process. And as a result of this, they are able to create a chance for children, who have been dreaming of soaring around with no limits all the time, to turn their dreams into real feelings. In weekends, there are always many families relaxing on benches at the park, and the superior recreational products aims to provide shade for them. On Sunday, they usually organize an outdoor group picnic, in which every participator will enjoy a great time with their partners.

5. Orca Coast Playgrounds

Orca Coast Playgrounds


Created in 2004, the orca coast is an enterprise run by a family, and it concentrates on making better products in the playgrounds industry. Their good reputation is what truly helped them to achieve their huge success and a good reputation also help their company become one of the largest in the world.

orca coast is very clear about the reasons that make them different from others is their sincere concerns on their customers and their responsible attitude to the products. The orca coast has a better safety record and the better satisfaction rate compared with other suppliers, and this will help you sleep easy every night based on the good condition of your investment. Orca is actually a hands-on enterprise, and they provide their customers with high-quality products that have been tested under extreme conditions. They made a promise that they will only send the goods at the time customers need it and also in the species customers want.

Orca has been trying to maintain the 100% customer satisfaction rate by providing its customers with high-quality products rather than just high quantities. Right in the first time, customers’needs will be handled in orca coast, and customers’voices will be also carefully heard by them,

6. Atomic Playgrounds

Over the past decades, the Atomic playgrounds keeps on exploring all the way to improving their technology of fabricating, molding, applied physics, sculpting, and painting. During that time, they have accelerated a lot of experience in crafting funny playgrounds for public paces, such as retail outlets, restaurants, amusement centers, shopping malls.due to their exceptional products. Atomic usually put their awesome ideas into practice by making an excellent themed attraction. They have put all their attention on handling every small detail to reach a much higher quality of their products.because of that, the payment for them is that they have a good reputation among their customers.

The atomic playgrounds have always put their customer’interests in the first place, and their well-designed playgrounds which suit their customers’needs wonderfully have already proved it. Because of their multifunctional theming capabilities, advanced technology, and project managing experiences, the atomic playgrounds has already become the leader in the fields of business amusement.

When cooperating with different customers, atomic playgrounds will have to adjust their installing capabilities in time to install projects in various sizes.except for it’s flexible installing capabilities, their products, which are definitely qualified for relevant safety standards and even sometimes may exceed it, can meet your requirement without any doubt. Counting from the primary design to the final check-out stage, atomic can take over all the tasks involved in the whole process, and that will save you a lot of time which you may use to do other works.

7. Funlandia


Some experienced engineers and designers, Who possess 4 decades of relevant experiences in Chinese playground equipment manufacture industry, created the Funlandia . The Funlandia company have cooperated with institutions like family entertainment centers, daycare centers, schools, shopping centers, and indoor playgrounds by providing the designing, manufacturing and installing services.

They obey the highest sector standards, such as the ASTM in the US, also the EN standard in Europe. And rules in those standards lead their way of designing and manufacturing. In addition, they successfully combined the premium materials and advanced technology to the manufacturing process of their own products. Under this condition, Funlandia company will be able to keep a constant updating of their product lines, which is also the most widely one in the playground equipment manufacturing industry.

Supported by the various kinds of products, Funlandia enables itself to meet all kinds of requirements coming from institutions like indoor playground and family entertainment center. In terms of products’ quality and category, Funlandia is more outstanding than other competitors, and what’s more, the Funlandia company will offer you a thorough service which covers from the former market research to after sale service.

8. Angel Playground

angel playground

Angel playground start its business since 1994. They focused on manufacturing outdoor playground equipment at that time. In 2000, they launched their indoor playground business in China, and they became the earliest indoor playground maker in the Chinese market. After that, the angel playground kept on updating the material and technology for indoor playground equipment. They promised to use premium-quality net and mat, and would only use PVC coated cover rather than sponge cover.because they believe high-quality materials will not only keep the structure running well, but also running more longer.

Angel playground is a combined enterprise of sales and production, and it owns the modern factories and office buildings which are totally larger than 20000 square meters. In the past years, they have achieved their goals and improved the production technology, as a result of this, their product range covers 24 series. The products of angel playground appear beautiful and multifunctional with combined characteristics of the domestic and foreign style. Besides this, these products are all made out of nonpoisonous and environmental materials, and those materials are all fully tested before checking out. Angel playground has met the highest standard, and they get certification from CE, ISO TUV etc. Due to its high quality, the angel playground company has earned its customers’ trusts for themselves at last.

9. Indoor Playgrounds International

If you are owners of a shopping mall or family play center, and you want to add an indoor playground into your place, then you can refer to the indoor playgrounds international company. They can offer the entire services in your every business stage, including early market analysis, design, manufacture, and the final installation.they are an expert in this area, and their professional technologies will become a cornerstone of your business.

The indoor playgrounds international, just as you can hear from the name, produces products in compliance with the international safety standards. Also, they have been admitted by the safety standards organizations both in us and Canada. They have already got the certification from TUV, UL, CBC 2013, IBC 2015, ASTM and IPEMA.

To make their products more safe and durable, the premium materials will be used and those latest technologies will also be employed in the production process. The finest material, used in the manufacturing course, make the products the best, and the best products offered by indoor playgrounds international will then make the playgrounds the most wonderful one. Through this way, the indoor playgrounds international has gained an excellent reputation from its customers.

With many kinds of products, indoor playgrounds international own the ability to cater to the needs of thousands of indoor playgrounds and amusement center.we not only just sell huge selection of entertainment equipment,but also we do sell other things for indoor playgrounds, including laser tag, indoor mini golf, inflatables, kiddie rides and so on.

10. Wonka Playground

Wonka Playground is an indoor playground equipment manufacturer in China, who is mainly focusing on the supplying for the turn-key indoor playground equipment. Their business services cover brand operating, designing, children theme park planning, children play equipment manufacturing.

Wonka playground mainly supplies their customers with family fun, coin machine, VR simulator, ninja course, rope course, super trampoline, children soft playground, decoration. In the past time, Wonka has helped 500 playground owners deliver the plan and operation. And these former business experiences will definitely meet multilateral demands.

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