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Types of play games for toddler area

The toddler area is an important part of kids indoor playground. A reasonable plan of kids play center will have a clear separation of the different age group play area. Children, 6-14 years old, will play in frame game which is more challengable; while for children under 6 years old, there is one special toddler area for them. However, people usually do not know what kind of games should design and what games are suitable for it. Today, we will give you some suggestion for toddler games.

1. Roleplay games of toddler area

For toddlers, they are at learning age and curious about new things.  We can put some roleplay houses, like the mini hospital, mini supermarket, mini bank, and so on. In the mini hospital house, children will wear doctor cloth and examine the body for other kids by thermometer and stethoscope.In the mini supermarket, there will be plastic or wood fruits and vegetable toys with the price tag, kids will buy select, bargain and buy them as they like.Many such kinds of roleplay toys can be designed inside, so children will learn basic knowledge about life and act like their parents, which will be a better way of learning.

2. Educational games of toddler area

At present, not only play center provide play fun, but also learn education like at school. Lovely educational toys no doubt be the best choice.Wall games are very common to see and children like to play them because of special design and interesting play functions.Scientific games are also good choice.Scale, telescope, microscope, and generator, all of these scientific toys will arouse kids interest and attract them.Painting area is also popular among parents and children. The kids finish drawing with their imagination, parents will feel proud of their kids, so they will keep their painting work.

3. Soft play games of toddler area

Toddlers are not like elder children adventuring in frame games, not strong enough, need to play in a safe zone. Soft plays definitely can protect them, allowing them to crawl, go through, jump.Besides, large EPP block is good game for the toddler. Parents and children can play together to create different shapes and images as they imagine.Generally speaking, toddler area is indispensable and will add bright points for kids play area. Make use of this area well, you will attract more customers and create profit.