A china turn-key indoor playground solution provider

Guangzhou Wonka Playground Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Wonka Playground Co., Ltd. is located in Panyu, Guangzhou, China. We are a China turn-key indoor playground solution provider, offering production of children play equipment, children theme park planning, design and brand operation.Our main products include decoration, children soft playground, super trampoline, rope course, ninja course, VR simulator, coin machine, family fun and etc.

With 500 playground planning and operating experience, we will support every step of your playground, from nothing to everything.Wonka Playground is not only a supplier of China indoor playground equipment but also your business partner. We will continue to support you in building and operating your indoor playground business.  If you choose Wonka playground, you will choose one stop shop for your business.

Turn-Key Indoor Playground Solutions

1.  Market research: Analyze competitors and potential competitors in the local market;What you need to prepare is to gather basic market data, then you make simple analysis; lastly, you will create a business plan

2.  Suitable location:You need to find a more suitable location, it is crucial to the success of a new business, so as to improve the competitiveness and ensure sales;

3.  Design your playground: In addition, we will plan a different space area, like the coffee shop, party room, etc and customize your theme  according to your actual situation;

4.  Production: professional indoor playground manufacturer; CE, GS, ISO certificatesMeanwhile, we will assure you of  short production time and quality products.

5.  Preparation work for opening While we are busy manufacturing your indoor playground you can prepare your site for the installation and opening of your new business. These things can include: interior decorating, staff training and be recruiting, and preparing ads and promotions.

6.  Inspection and shipment You are warmly welcome to visit our factory and check quality; at the same time, this would also be a great opportunity for you to receive training on playground maintenance and service for free.In addition, we will provide  shipping services door to door for your playground including customs clearance.

7.  Installation team Owning One 10 years experience install team, we will ensure the safety of equipment; without a doubt, they will care detail of each part and make sure it looks beautiful.

8.  Franchise business:If you feel overwhelmed and confused as to how to begin, we will support you from the beginning step by step. Besides, our company brand is willing to help any customer.

9.  Operational guidance:it is certain that a professional operations team will help you to run a successful business.