FAQ for the indoor playground equipment

1. What is the process of opening an indoor playground?

In short, the following steps:Indoor playground business market researchFind a suitable siteChoose credible factory, design, productionShipment, installation, opening

2. How is the prospect of the children indoor play area equipment? is it worth investing?

With the rapid development of urbanization, the playground is definitely the best choice for children. So, safe indoor play area equipment, clean environment, more play functions are advantages of the indoor playground.

3. How to select a site for the children indoor playground?

It is usually in the shopping mall, department store, supermarket, and residential area. Therefore, investors are inclined to the former two sites. The main reason is great population, high profile and mature peripheral business circle; besides, the customers have high consumption ability and will spend more money on children.

4. What size is suitable for opening one indoor playground?

There is not a standard size for the indoor playground, it can be just 30 square meters or more than one thousand square meter area size. In short, it depends on your local consumption level, budget, site, and other comprehensive factors.

5. What equipments should be put in the children indoor playground?

Now, the most popular games are the crazy slide, soft play, million balls ball pool, rope course, climbing wall, etc. In general, investors need to consider area size, general budget, planning before choosing indoor playground equipment. Some people think what are popular games, then I will choose them; not all new games are suitable for your own place. If it can not attract more children to play, it is a waste of money. Before purchasing, investors firstly consider about quality; then they need to think from the view of children and choose popular games among children. Wonka Playground company will provide a professional suggestion based on your indoor playground project.

6. How to select a credible supplier of indoor playground equipment?

There are so many indoor playground suppliers in the market and quality is also a big difference. Therefore, investors must be cautious about suppliers. First, to see if equirements are new; Second is to see if the quality is credible; Third is to see if they have after-sales service. Wonka playground will provide quality products, intimate service, professional suggestion.

7. Is it necessary to employ staff?

The number of staff is decided by area size and the number of items. Small indoor playground needs caring and responsible 1-2 staff; but for big size playground, it needs more staff for security, reception, sanitary management, and membership card sales.

8.How to do cleaning work for the big playground?

It is necessary to do cleaning and disinfection work every day.

9. What will do, if the playground is not attractive after a long time?

Therefore, When choosing indoor play area equipment, investors will consider covering different age group not one fix age group. Standing from children sight, investors select popular and safe games. Without affecting the current business, investors can add some new games to attract children.

10. How to make more profit?

In general, to running indoor playground, there are a lot of aspects to consider, like opening promotion, sanitary management, promotion activities, free gift and sales of membership card, etc. All of these will leave a good impression on the customer and enhance popularity. Besides, we need to do better on some details, like caring children, good communication with parents.

11. How will long time take to recover cost and make the profit?

Every market is different, so precalculation for the budget can better know time period of cost recovery. In general, there are three factors influence this time period: total investment, market position and operating.

12. How to assemble playground equipment?

We will send professional engineers and indoor playground equipment detailed instructions. Therefore, for the safety of your indoor playground, we suggest professional engineers assemble indoor play area equipment.

13. What to do if there is a quality problem of equipment?

During guarantee time, we will provide after-sales service. In addition, We will send additional news accessories for future use, and we will send new parts in the earliest time for your broken parts.

14. Can we visit your factory?

Yes, sure. You are warmly welcome to visit our factory, and we will show raw material, production line, and showroom, and so on.