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Children Game Machine

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Children Game Machine

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Children Game Machine

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Children Game Machine

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Children Game Machine

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Children Game Machine

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Children Game Machine

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Types of children arcade games

For many investors, they will buy some arcade games when planning to set an up indoor jungle gym. But there are so many different kinds of arcade games in the market and they do not know how to choose suitable products. Today, we will classify arcade machines and help you to select the most suitable ones for your play center.Generally speaking, there are redemption games, sports games, video arcade games, dance/music games, claw machines, kiddie rides, virtual reality games.

Redemption  Games

The redemption games are designed to not only attract the player but to keep them playing over and over again ensuring a quick return on investment. Hence, they continue to rank at the top of the highest earning game line, and this type of game is one of the "must have" games for your play center. The best of it is to attract kids and parents alike to test their skills to win tickets!  Also, they have LED Lighting for charismatic Look!   It includes Prize, Ticket, and Coin Redemption Arcade Machines.

Virtual reality games

It is the hottest game on the playground now! It is designed to let the players engage truly immersive gaming experiences that play with a fantasy of life. VR Experience that delivers a memorable and highly interactive play second to none!

Claw machines

The claw machine is the representative of the gift machine. Place the doll machine where the person's traffic is relatively large such as shopping malls. The shape of the gift should be lovely and the quality is better. If we follow this requirement, there will be a lot of people playing the gift machine.

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Rides are fantastic money makers and "parent pleasers" in locations such as grocery stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, family entertainment centers, amusement parks, children's playgrounds and many other locations! It is easy to operate, people just insert coins, it will begin to work with rocking motion, side to side, up and down or around.