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Ropes course introduction

The ropes course consist of challenging tasks and obstacles that help people focus on communication, trust, cooperation, and fun. It is suitable for children 6-16years. Wearing hat and harness, children begin to have fun with the challenges; their focus becomes balanced and efficient on each bridge they are crossing, which will enhance braveness and physical exercises.

1. Ropes course design

Usually, 2 Layers rope course is perfect. Each layer is 3Meters high, so 2 layers are 6Meters. What’s more, if your area is enough space and height, you can design 3 layers or even more.We can design numerous layouts of the ropes course to fit your space, which can form an equilateral triangle, square or rectangular. There are so many elements between poles and form a full list of challenging adventure. Even your ropes course has been constructed, if you have bigger space, additional poles and elements can be added, so it can increase the capacity to meet high demand.

2. Ropes course material

Wood: Oregon Pine and rosewood with complex paint technics, loading bearing is more than 200kgPipe: Use dia.140mm whole new galvanized pipe, (not splicing, no weld old pipe ), thickness 3.5mmPlastic parts: LLDPE, imported LLD PE from Korea.Low-stretch rope: 48 stocks of small wires get together to be a big low-stretch rope, loading bearing is 5ton.Platform: Stepped-ladder: Galvanized steel sheet, color powder coated or PVC coated.Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304Therefore, to make sure quality of rope courses, you need to check raw material.

3. Ropes course safety

Safety is our priority when playing ropes course, to ensure the fun and safety of everyone, please review the following rules and information.1, Shoes are required and must be secured. Please make sure tight shoelaces.2, Pockets must be empty. No loose objects such as cell phones or cameras. Eyeglasses should be secure.3, No running, jumping, hanging, reckless behavior4, Players must safely fit in the harness

4. Ropes course games

There are different play games for ropes course, like alternating Logs, zigzag Logs, wooden Barrels, round Bridge, crossing Cables, Monkey Bars, Suspended Round Platforms and more! In short, ropes course are new project games for your indoor playground, it will attract more customers and will make money very soon!

5. Set up ropes course working procedure

You want to open a new ropes course, Wonka Playground works with you every step, from the initial contact to the opening of your ropes course and beyond. 1, You provide site size and other information, and we will assess the best design of ropes course to meet your specific requirements. 2, we provide design drawings to give you a visual of your chosen games, color scheme. 3, You can find an experienced steel installation team according to our construction drawing, video or manuals. Also, we can arrange engineer if necessary.4, The final step is to train your staff via our training video or manuals. Also, welcome to our company for training.5, Finally, your rope course are ready for opening.