Indoor Ball Shooting Arcade Game Machine for Kids

Indoor Ball Shooting Arcade Game Machine For Kids

This is an indoor ball shooting arcade game machine for kids. It is suitable for shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, and other places.

How to play?

1. Insert coins, press the button shooting the ball to select the scene (ten scenes optional);

2. During the game, shooting the monsters to get the score, there will three Boss coming two times.

3. Challenge the BOSS;

4. In a certain period of time to kill the last boss, and get the target scores, you can win tickets or other gifts.

Indoor ball shooting arcade game machine features

1. Ten games inside and each game has a different theme scene.

2.With our unique positive & negative rotation module (the red one in the picture), to control the ball do not jam and have no empty during the game.

3.We use listed company motors and powers, make sure the gun not easily broken.

4.The appearance stickers can be designed by the customer required.

5.Customer logo can be displayed on the startup screen.

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