Indoor rock climbing wall for ropes course

indoor rock climbing wall

What is an indoor rock climbing wall? It is an activity in which participants climb or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls.

The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling. It is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Today, we will talk about the indoor climbing wall for children indoor playground. It is an increasingly popular form of rock climbing on artificial structures,  mimicking the experience of outdoor ones.

1. Indoor rock climbing wall for ropes course material

There are soft and fiberglass materials for indoor climbing toys.

Soft climbing toys are made of wood, sponge, and PVC cloth, which is suitable for children below 10 years old.
Usually, its height is from 2.5Meters to 4Meters, to protect children from falling. we will provide safety harness, belt, and soft padding and rocking hold.

Different from the adult rock climbing wall, its main features are the bright color and interesting cartoon images, like animal, flowers, sun, trees, which will attract their attention.

Fiberglass material includes reinforced organic resin and the organic compound. Some people think organic resin plate is better quality than the organic compound plate; however, it is not true. They are just different usage for different designs. For example. the organic resin plate more widely applies to rock climbing wall with different kinds of grains; while the organic compound plate is especially for those with unordinary designs.

2. Indoor rock climbing wall for ropes course designs

The designs of rock climbing wall are flexible and we will customize the design color and shapes for customers.
Generally speaking, flat, curved, and Genome 3D climbing walls are common to see.
The challenge of the flat wall is its altitude, not much difficulty to climb on.

With multiplicate shapes, the curved wall is bright colors and attractive polygons, it is also the most popular type of wall.

Genome 3D will attract people’s attention at the first sight, it is so special that some indoor playground takes it as decorations.

In a word, indoor rock climbing wall for ropes course is an indispensable part of your indoor playground. It not only adds fun but also increases the challenge. Kids of all age group have the chance and suitable walls to climb, it is a very good way to seize more customers for your climbing playground business.

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