How to start a claw machine business?

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How hot is the commercial claw machine business?  In shopping malls, cinemas, indoor playgrounds, subways, and even in alleys, you can see this self-service terminal with dolls. Everyone knows its strong ability to absorb money. But how to solve the operating problem of the claw machine business?

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how to put a claw machine such as in a store or indoor playground. We will address these issues below. In recent two years, mini KTV, self-service charging power, self-service coffee machines are developing rapidly. Claw arcade machine game is “veteran”, its operation bottleneck and pain points are gradually exposed as self-service terminal. There are many different types of claw machines. It includes giant claw machine, big claw machine, small claw machine, and model claw machine, such as toy taxi claw machine.


1. The commercial claw machine business is profitable

In the early 20th century Europe, the “Claw Machine” appears in the form of candy claw machine; In the 80 ‘s, Japan began to develop a real sense of the claw arcade machine game and then swept to Taiwan.

By 90’s, claw machine introduced into mainland China. Before there were mainly fighting, shooting and sports games in the gaming hall,  only young boys are interested in them.

The new claw arcade machine games meet the needs of different people, including young women and children. If people choose a good location and operate well, the profits are very considerable.

2. What are the claw machine business operation problems

So many small businesses flock to the market, because of hot market demand,  less investment, and high return profits. Nowadays, with changes in consumption patterns, people find more and more operating problems with the arcade machine game. According to market research, these are operation problems.

1. Coin-money exchange trouble

If the player wants to start the game, he has to go to the cash machine or pay by mobile, then he can exchange coins; by doing this, it may lose some consumers. For operators,  on one hand,he has to increase the cost of the current machine; on the other hand, he has to count a large number of coins and paper money every day.

2. Less innovation

The current claw machine is mostly original joystick play, but it can not give consumers a fresh experience. So people like to play other new games, like novelty scissors machine, putt machine, etc.

3. Lack of confidence

After knowing ” adjusted crawl rate “, the player loses trust in the claw arcade machine game. so, the player quit the game, or even keep a distance from it.

4. Low quality of the toy

The toy is more important than the look of the claw machine. The toy in the claw machine is not genuine and low quality, it is difficult to arouse people’s desire.

5. Old-fashioned shape

The appearance of claw arcade machine games are mostly old cartoon patterns, also it is similar to each other. The customers will no impression on machines, they will lose interest in them. For example, people really like the toy taxi claw machine.

6. How much does a claw machine cost

How much will you pay to buy a claw machine? Some people will buy cheap claw machine, which is generally the arcade claw machines for sale under $300. However, the quality of cheap claw machine is very poor, and there will be a lot of failures, which will affect the income of investors. Therefore, investors should choose suitable and qualified claw machines, instead of choosing arcade claw machines for sale under $300.

How to break through the operation pain of the claw machine business?

Facing so many operating problems,  how to break one by one?

1. Online payment of claw machine game

Due to the popularity of online payment, emerging companies are also starting from this portal to achieve mobile payment and management. Mobile payments permeate every corner of life, so fewer people take cash at hand.

The players no need to exchange coins to play, just scan two-dimensional code, he can pay directly and start the claw machine. For operators, mobile payment and back-end systems can improve operational efficiency; remote monitoring of the online claw machine game, get real-time transaction data, save human and material resources are possible to achieve.

2. Play innovation of claw arcade game

As mentioned above, because of the “adjusted crawl rate” problem, consumers reduce trust in existing games. Innovative play, for example, remotely manipulating claw arcade machine through online, can enhance the consumer’s experience feeling. It also caters to consumers ‘ changing mentality.

3. Guaranteed quality toy for claw machine game

The general situation, the guaranteed quality toy price is relatively high, if there is no cooperation channel, operators need to undertake a large procurement cost. Therefore, it becomes very important to build their own supply chain and reduce the cost of purchasing.

4.  Appearance upgrade

The makeover of the claw arcade machine game more intelligent inside, and also need to make the appearance more attractive. Gradually, we also see many different models of claw machines in the market, like small trains, airplanes, phone booths, toy taxi claw machine, etc.

5. Opening  new channels

Channel is the most important factor for self-service terminals. shopping malls, commercial real estate, Subway, catering, cinemas, etc, they are all new channels. This is the cooperation of different industries. In addition, the combination of claw machines with other industries is an important method.

Commercial claw machine business future development prospects

At present, the claw machine game is in the bonus period, it also has a huge profit space. If you don’t have any claw machine business experience, you can also choose a claw machine franchise.

In the future, every claw arcade machine game will be online. Operators no need to be on-site, they can view revenue data and fault situation through the mobile phone, and remotely control, maintenance. Claw arcade machine is similar to other self-service terminals, itself is the channel; so, in the profit model, operators can also cooperate with any other business, for example, by giving other public numbers “suck powder”, download app to increase user volume, online claw machine games win business vouchers and other activities, rebate to consumers, while increasing the operator’s advertising revenue.

In addition, operators can further improve the efficiency of the line under the function of LBS positioning and integral mall, be using the two-way diversion mode under the line, build up the healthy development of the entertainment Network ecological circle.

In short, keep renewing of products and playing, it is not difficult to make money.

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