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Indoor playground is the best place for kids to release their imagination and reap lots of joy. In a normal indoor playground, kids can have tons of fun when they are playing with different equipment. The simple but fun ball pits, magic slides, role-playing, socializing, can live up to all kinds of expectation of kids. […]

If you are looking for fun for the entire family, look no more than indoor family attractions like kids  indoor play center or kids arcade. Right from young to old, the arcade games make it easy for you and the rest of your team to have fun! There’s a wide range of arcade games for […]

Playing is extremely important for kids. While they could play in a normal kids playground, these kids playgrounds do have limitations. For example, what if it is the rainy season? What if it is the cold season with winter ice covering every inch of the local area playground? In these situations, you will need to […]

Indoor pretend play activities for playground Once, in the mind of many people, playing is children enjoying the fun by different play types of equipment, like trampoline, slides, seesaw, rock climbing, spring riders and so on.  It is very traditional play in the park or playgrounds. For years of development, children playground has been undergoing great changes […]

Now, many indoor soft play area operators feel confused: why another playground business is so prosperous, but my play area is fewer customers?  I invest a lot of money in the new indoor playground equipment, but why my business is not good? This is a headache for many kids playground operators. Today, we will tell […]

As the number of children continues to increase, the young parents pay more attention to their children’s early education. So the children’s project industry, with kids playground as the principal part, has been enjoying great popularity. It is true that some kids playground is crowded,  while others are deserted. Why is there so much difference? […]

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