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If you are looking for fun for the entire family, look no more than indoor family attractions like indoor play game center or Kids Arcade. Right from young to old, the arcade games make it easy for you and the rest of your team to have fun! There’s a wide range of arcade games for […]

Summer is coming and children are out of school. It means that you are faced with the daily task of figuring out what to do with kids in their holiday time. Don’t let the kids spend the entire season indulging cartoons and video games. Kids indoor playset becomes a popular game in the Sumer. The […]

In recent years, the indoor playground market is very prosperous, so more and more Asian countries open the family entertainment centers.  We accomplished a lot of projects with area size from more than 2,000 square meters to 30 square meters. Through the analysis, we find different characters of the family entertainment center in different  Asian countries. The […]

Indoor pretend play activities for playground Once, in the mind of many people, playing is children enjoying the fun by different play types of equipment, like trampoline, slides, seesaw, rock climbing, spring riders and so on.  It is very traditional play in the park or playgrounds. For years of development, children playground has been undergoing great changes […]

As the number of children continues to increase, the young parents pay more attention to their children’s early education. So the children’s project industry, with kids playground as the principal part, has been enjoying great popularity. It is true that some kids playground is crowded,  while others are deserted. Why is there so much difference? […]

Indoor playgrounds, also known as the indoor jungle gym, are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. Today, it has evolved from simpleindoor climbing toys to multifunctional family entertainment center ideas that include innovative used indoor play equipment serving different age groups. Most of the investors know that kids indoor […]

For parents, what can do indoors when children are bored and want to play? Going to a soft play center is a good choice. For operators, what can attract children and parent to come is very important. Let us see how to choose a kids play center for all of them. For parents: how to […]