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In fact, it seems like we have numerous reasons to choose the proper equipment for an indoor commercial playground or an outdoor playground. In those rural areas, we may difficult to offer children meaningful and healthy fitness, as well as social opportunities. According to theories of developmental psychologists, indoor playground equipment will help develop child’s […]

In fact, many businesses and organizations such as worship, daycare centers, and YMCA, have raised a large amount of money for their indoor or outdoor playgrounds. Those business owners will need funding from a thousand dollars to $40,000 to $80,000 for maintenance and building a new indoor playground. Normally, the budget is the main focus […]

In the playgrounds, we usually see children running, chasing, and screaming like they have a bottomless well of physical energy. Especially when they step into those indoor playgrounds with attractive indoor playground equipment. Facing the fascinating indoor playground themes, they will be absorbed into the surroundings deeply. Although they might still feel exhausted sometimes, it’s […]

Indoor playground is the best place for kids to release their imagination and reap lots of joy. In a normal indoor playground, kids can have tons of fun when they are playing with different equipment. The simple but fun ball pits, magic slides, role-playing, socializing, can live up to all kinds of expectation of kids. […]

Playing is extremely important for kids. While they could play in a normal playground, these playgrounds do have limitations. For example, what if it is the rainy season? What if it is the cold season with winter ice covering every inch of the local area playground? In these situations, you will need to find an […]

For many people considering to open indoor playground business, they usually face two options: owning his independent business or joining the indoor playground franchise.  Which one is better and which one is suitable for investors?  Today, we will analyze the benefits of both options. For many who are new to indoor playground business, they foresee the great profit […]

Nowadays, people are getting more and busier. Parents often take the children along with them for work or friends get together. The parent is indulging in talking business or chatting while the kids just waiting boringly and get distracted. In such a situation, the indoor jungle gym is a perfect solution. It offers a variety […]