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In recent years, a new concept called edutainment went viral among those indoor family entertainment centers. In worldwide, many play centers are adhering to combine education with entertainment through their well-designed indoor playground equipment and well-organized activities. For example, some indoor family entertainment centers have been working on providing a themed experience with characters like […]

Nowadays, you can see various kinds of floor interactive projection games in a kids indoor playground, a pediatric waiting room, gaming zones, or a birthday party. Usually, children have a low attention span, which disables a long-time engagement. Considering this, those indoor play parks have to come up with some interactive contents to get a […]

What is your favorite animal? Many people, especially young children, have their favorite kind of animal. Hence, they tend to have such an animal as the house pet to play with. Surely, animals can always bring people all kinds of fun and have become the best friends of humans. Considering this, many commercial indoor playgrounds […]

Have you ever heard the Robot Rides? Or sometimes you may just hear that it was called “Battle King Robot Rides”. This playground equipment belongs to a large kind of recreation equipment, while it was still considered as one of the best playground equipment. Normally, you can find such a robot in various places like […]

In fact, it seems like we have numerous reasons to choose the proper equipment for an indoor commercial playground or an outdoor playground. In those rural areas, we may difficult to offer children meaningful and healthy fitness, as well as social opportunities. According to theories of developmental psychologists, indoor playground equipment will help develop child’s […]

If you have visited any indoor playground before, you may have already seen many kinds of commercial indoor playground slide designs. Usually, those slides are made into different shapes and colors to be more attractive. Hence, you can always see many children waiting in a long line for the slides. Exactly, sliding down the slide […]

In fact, many businesses and organizations such as worship, daycare centers, and YMCA, have raised a large amount of money for their indoor or outdoor playgrounds. Those business owners will need funding from a thousand dollars to $40,000 to $80,000 for maintenance and building a new indoor playground. Normally, the budget is the main focus […]

One of the most common questions from those prospective indoor playground owners is: How can I make money? What is the indoor playground annual income? Are soft play centres profitable? Sure, making money always comes first in our minds. Also, the question like this include: What is the revenue stream? How can they compare to […]

In the playgrounds, we usually see children running, chasing, and screaming like they have a bottomless well of physical energy. Especially when they step into those indoor playgrounds with attractive indoor playground equipment. Facing the fascinating indoor playground themes, they will be absorbed into the surroundings deeply. Although they might still feel exhausted sometimes, it’s […]