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Nowadays, you can see various kinds of floor interactive projection games in a kids indoor playground, a pediatric waiting room, gaming zones, or a birthday party. Usually, children have a low attention span, which disables a long-time engagement. Considering this, those indoor play parks have to come up with some interactive contents to get a […]

In fact, it seems like we have numerous reasons to choose the proper equipment for an indoor commercial playground or an outdoor playground. In those rural areas, we may difficult to offer children meaningful and healthy fitness, as well as social opportunities. According to theories of developmental psychologists, indoor playground equipment will help develop child’s […]

If you have visited any indoor playground before, you may have already seen many kinds of commercial indoor playground slide designs. Usually, those slides are made into different shapes and colors to be more attractive. Hence, you can always see many children waiting in a long line for the slides. Exactly, sliding down the slide […]

In fact, ninja course benefits can be a lot, but many of us may have the motion that the ninja courses are usually hard to get hands. Also, we may be not strong enough to take on this challenge. However, ninja course training is actually the first choice for people to get in shape. If […]

Have you ever thought about bringing your little ones some fun inside your home? Now you can bring it to reality by making a toddler indoor slide. Children always love soaring down an adorable colorful slide and that usually brings kids developmental benefits. Climbing slowly to the upper of the slide and pushing themselves down […]

Is it easy to find the supplier of the indoor playground? The answer is yes. Right now, it is the buyer’s market; that means, the buyer has a lot of choices for indoor playground manufacturers. After purchasing the indoor play games, The buyer comes up with a problem: how to install indoor playground equipment? how can […]

Many people want to set up the indoor playground, they focus on the latest indoor playground equipment and want to make their own unique style; for people who have opened for years, they also want to update their play games in order to attract more customers. Therefore, we will share some latest products for your reference. […]

It is the nature of toddlers to climb, crawl, jump and run, so all toddler play games need to meet all these needs. Unlike elder children, toddlers are not so strong and powerful, so all of the games are soft and safe. Besides, toddlers are curious about bright colours and fresh things, all toys should be […]

Different from the traditional indoor play structures, the biggest advantage of interactive games lies in its interactivity. Instead of just playing in a confined space, children are able to exercise more freely throughout their body. As a result, interactive projector games are hot nowadays, which not only attract popularity but also keep the children entertained […]

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