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14Jun 2018
indoor jungle gym for toddler

For many people, set up indoor playground is their dream; meanwhile, it is a big investment risk. Selecting a credible indoor playground supplier is a very crucial stage when you are at the stage of selecting the indoor play structures. This article will provide a checklist to gather all essential information before choosing the most […]

05May 2018
indoor playground franchise or not

For many people considering to open indoor playground business, they usually face two options: owning his independent business or joining the indoor playground franchise.  Which one is better and which one is suitable for investors?  Today, we will analyze the benefits of both options. For many who are new to indoor playground business, they foresee the great profit […]

23Dec 2017
indoor play equipment

Indoor playgrounds, also known as the indoor jungle gym, are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. Today, it has evolved from simpleindoor climbing toys to multifunctional family entertainment center ideas that include innovative used indoor play equipment serving different age groups. Most of the investors know that kids indoor […]

14Dec 2017
how to start kids play area or indoor playground business

Indoor playground business is prosperous now and market potential is big. Many investors want to start it, but they have no idea how to prepare and what should be noticed. Many investors may find confusing: it seems that play games and services are roughly the same, but why do the indoor playground business differ so much? Some […]

08Dec 2017
soft play center

For parents, what can do indoors when children are bored and want to play? Going to a soft play center is a good choice. For operators, what can attract children and parent to come is very important. Let us see how to choose a kids play center for all of them. For parents: how to […]

30Nov 2017
new children playground games

Wonka Playground thinks new children playground games are important for the supplier and children playground. The traditional children’s zone is a simple sale of products, such as a baby carriage, toys, clothes and so on. After buying, parents may stop shopping because many children’s goods are not a necessity. As a result, the children’s area […]