How to rent the indoor playground site from shopping mall?

indoor playground site for shopping mall

When we visit large supermarkets and shopping malls, it is often to see arcade game centers and children indoor playgrounds. With the development of the economy, many places have begun to build large commercial supermarkets and shopping malls; At the same time, more and more indoor playground investors want to enter into these places, so the competition is also fierce. The area size, location, and people flow of supermarkets and shopping malls are not the same, so the rents for venues are not the same. In order to successfully rent the indoor playground site, you need to master some skills.

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Negotiation content of indoor playground site

Negotiations generally refer to the following content: rent, decoration period, rent-free period,  area measurement, property management,  public area to be shared, utilities, heating, air-conditioning, contract period, rent increase rate, entrance fee, facade advertisement, internal advertising, anniversary, event promotion methods;

whether sub-lease is allowed, whether it can be transferred, whether it can change the business content, whether the owner assists in the handling of industrial and commercial tax and fire protection; if the opening of the business is delayed, how to compensate and so on.

Before negotiating, it is necessary to clarify the benefits of your playgrounds to the shopping malls: it can drive a large number of passengers and increase the popularity of shopping malls. Group activities often can create a crowded environment for the shopping malls.

Analysis for the negotiation parties of  indoor playground site

At the stage of business negotiation, it is very important to make use of available means to obtain information as much as possible, organize information, think about and judge the overall negotiation situation, so as to make a clear analysis from these aspects.

(1) Regarding human factors

Negotiators should consider what kind of viewpoints and what is  the difference in the same issue between the two sides;

whether there is hostility, what kind of communication obstacles may exist, etc.

(2) Regarding the factors of interest

Negotiators should consider and recognize the interests of two parties.  whether the two parties have common interests, and whether there are contradictory but compatible interests.

(3) With respect to the program

The negotiator should review the negotiation program and whether there are alternative solutions.

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How to compete for indoor playground site with counterparty?

In addition to your own negotiation with shopping mall owner, you often compete with counterparties who also want to enter the same shopping mall. Therefore, you must prepare the plan and project planning map. You should notice these points:

1. Display your company’s brand image, Brand project Brand strength, brand entry case.

2. The impact of your branded soft playground on the flow of people.

3. Your brand children indoor playground is different from other non-branded playgrounds on marketing strategies.

4. The children indoor playground can co-operation with supermarkets, restaurants and other project alliance activities.

5. The attractiveness, potential, and richness of indoor playground equipment.

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 To win the preferential conditions with shopping mall owner

1.You should indicate that the new venue takes time to advertise, publicize, decoration, train the employees and assemble the equipment, so you need to get more free rent period.

2. Control over the increase in rents during the lease period.

3. Whether outdoor advertising space is free.

(1) Full preparation for negotiation

1. Learn about the general rent price of shopping mall and supermarkets, and determine the psychological bottom price and maximum price.

2. Assess the status and impact of children’s indoor playground, and estimate monthly sales.

3. Find out about the negotiators’ situation: including personal background, hobbies, tasks. This information may be useful at some point.

(2) To win the initiative in communication

Know yourself and know your negotiation party.

The more formal shopping malls are, the more they care about the qualifications and brands of the new entering playground. They are generally willing to accept mature brands because the mall will not provide the new brand with growth time. If you do not have this, negotiation may be deadlocked.  On the one hand, the new brand’s strength is limited, unable to pay more fees in advance to the mall; on the other hand, the mall’s demand for the mature brand is that the entrance fees must be capped and the threshold will not be easily lowered.

At this time, we must know ourselves and understand the factors such as the regional economic environment, business districts, and consumption characteristics, so that you can give commitments to the shopping mall in terms of popularity, promotion, etc. It is a very good way to increase the weight of negotiations.

(3) Breaking the Deadlock in the negotiation

Sometimes, negotiations are in a deadlock due to the insistence of both parties. At this time, we should learn to stop at a proper time and re-arrange the time for the next negotiation. For the deadlocked negotiating parties, this period is very precious. We should think more about ways to bring the follow-up negotiations to a successful conclusion.

1. Keep in touch and emphasize that the parties have reached an agreement. It is recommended that both parties cherish it.

2,  provide an alternative plan, let the other party choose.

3. Consider appropriate concessions, preferably on minor issues.

(4)Paying attention to Contract details

As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. When signing a rent contract, you need to pay special attention to the following details in order to avoid future disputes.

1, Confirm sales space: location maps, it is the best to have drawings.

2. Confirmation of contract period: Confirm the duration of cooperation and whether there is a breach of contract.

3. Confirmation of the entry time: countdown to the product settled.

4. Renovation time confirmation: decoration date, decoration period, official opening time, etc.

5. Payment date and method: The date and method of payment of various types of expenses shall be specified.

There are many techniques for negotiation of indoor playground site. I will not elaborate on it here. I hope to help you. If you have a better suggestion, please leave a message or send us a post.

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