6 popular adventure indoor playgrounds in the US

AdventureParkusa adventure indoor playground

Looking for a place for kids to have some fun? Adventure indoor playground is actually an ideal place you can take into consideration. Adventure indoor playground usually features swings, interactive games, ball pit, obstacles, slides, and trampolines etc. There are several quite popular adventure indoor playgrounds in us all worth a try. I will give you a brief introduction of them to you next.

Go for an adventure in these 6 adventure indoor playgrounds in the US

1. Adventure park usaAdventureParkusa adventure indoor playground

Adventure park is an adventure indoor playground in Monrovia, where natives can easily have a drop by. This adventure indoor playground has some indoor attractions and adventure attractions fairly suitable for young kids:

  • Hologate virtual reality: 4 people can enjoy the Hologate at the same time, the advanced technology and the HTC Vive headset will bring you a complete sensory immersion. Still, many people who cannot get along with such 3D impacts, are usually worried about motion sickness, the offered 90fps technology will help you prevent your sickness.
  • Spin zone bumper cars: the game rules are very simple, you just have to drive your bumper car to hit others, and give them an uncontrolled spin! When one bumper car is hit, the car lights will flash in the strike side. What else is that the driver will be disoriented by the ALL SPIN caused by the ride operator when they are trying to hit other cars.
  • Hang ‘Em high ropes course: you are able to challenge yourself by taking the ropes course in an indoor adventure. Pass through the rope ladder and climb as high as possible to give yourself a different thrill.

These are just some indoor adventures in the adventure park, and there are still many attractions awaiting your exploration.

Address: 11113 W Baldwin Rd, Monrovia, MD 21770, USA

Phone: +1 301-865-6800

Website: https://adventureparkusa.com

2. Urban airUrbanAir adventure indoor playground

If you are living in Houston, meadows, Stafford, sugar land, or Missouri city, looking for a funny place, then you can give a visit on urban air trampoline and adventure park in sugar land, TX. Urban air is an ideal adventure indoor playground for families. You can not only find the trampoline there but also other indoor adventure activities:

  • Sky rider coaster: time flies fast, so do the sky rider. without any skills, but just courage, you can bring the fun to a new height when you are scouting out every attraction with zigzag overhead and strap in.
  • Climbing walls: always like climbing? Then you should come to urban air to experience the climbing walls here. As you are climbing, you will hone your skills and build your muscles, also you will enjoy the cliff side.
  • Prozone performance trampolines: the prozone performance trampolines caters to all the best daredevils, stuntmen, acrobats. It is actually exhilarating when you drop into the trampoline, and bounce back up the wall as high as you can. When you jump onto the top height, you will be able to go through the weightlessness moment, which is an awesome feeling for everyone.
  • Kids area 7 & under: do not worry your child will miss out on the joy if your child is 7 years old or under 7. Meet the bowl, a simplified version of apex trampolines, are designed right for young kids. Kids will find it is easy to enjoy the wall to wall trampolines, and they will also get all the fun. It is such a thoughtful place for young kids that you may not miss it!

Besides these funny attractions, urban air also provides you with other attractions: adventure hubR, warrior house, ropes course, tubes playground, battle beam and so on. So you can see that the urban air is not just a trampoline park, it will also help you experience a wide variety of activities.

Address: 9848 US-90 ALT, Sugar Land, TX 77478

Phone: (281) 972-8797

Website: https://www.urbanairtrampolinepark.com/locations/texas/sugar-land

3. Helium trampoline & indoor adventure parkHeliumtrampoline&indooradventurepark adventure indoor playground

Helium won the best of Milwaukee and one of the fifty best trampoline parks in the world. There are a wide variety of indoor adventure attractions for visitors to play with. You are supposed to buy the jump time admission, then you can enjoy those attractions in helium:

  • Extreme dodge ball: once you join in the huge trampolines, you will keep on dodging, diving, ducking, dipping until you are out. Just devote yourself to dodging and try to catch the flying ball. If you feel the normal one are not cool enough, then how about giving a try on the “glow in the dark” dodgeball. It will give you a lasting and exhilarating feeling.
  • The joust gladiator beam: for the joust, customers have to be 42” or much taller. The head-gear you wear on the joust will be free of charge. The battlefield is a beam spanning the big air bag, and the only thing you need to do is to drive your rival off the beam. Through this friendly battle, you will gain both lots of fun and bring you two closer to each other. If you have been seeking a chance to compete against your friends, then come and join the game.

If you feel these are not enough, 130 trampolines & basketball, warrior obstacle course & warped wall, big air bag, jump tower, tiny toddler court, laser maze & hurricane simulator, rollerball mini-bowling, are all prepared for you!

Address: 16235 W Beloit Rd, New Berlin, WI 53151

Phone: (262) 777-2100

Website: http://www.heliumtrampolinepark.com

4. Up a creek indoor family adventuresUpacreekindoorfamilyadventures adventure indoor playground

If you are looking for something special for your kids after school, then Up a creek indoor family adventures can provide the after school fun for your child. They have daily transportation available from Monte Sano elementary, Goldsmith-Schiffman, Hampton Cove. The wonderful adventure indoor playground combined with their energetic staff will bring your child a lot after school fun.

Address: 5575 highway 431s 100-101 Brownsboro, AL 256-270-8570

Phone: 256-270-8570

Website: http://www.upacreekadventures.com/UpaCreekHOME.html

5. My little adventuresMyLittleAcventures anventure indoor playground

My little adventures is a fantastic place for your little boy or girl to take an adventure class. While kids are playing games there, they can listen to such a mommy and me kind of music with American sign language lyrics. Also, other relaxing songs, magic bubbles, and fabulous games await there.

They have the pop-n-play program designed for kids, in which the PSR, PNP, birthday parties are all involved.

Address: 3163 Marne Hwy #403, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054, USA

Phone: +1 609-498-9438

Website: https://www.mylittleadventures.com

6. Adventure family fun centerAdventurefamilyfuncenter adventure indoor playground

Adventure racing indoor track is the most attracting part in adventure family center. And you can only find one of such a kind indoor activity nearby. Even for those most seasoned drivers, the Grand Prix style track, which contains exhilarating features like a course, underpass, a bridge, must be a big challenge for them. Additionally, the three 20’ TV and the superior tech time trial system allow the driver to race against other drivers or the clock. If you are a big fan of adventure indoor playgrounds, just come on and to begin your designated adventure.

Address: 1079 U.S. 9, Queensbury, NY 12804, USA

Phone: +1 518-798-786

Website: http://www.adventurefamilyfun.com

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