30 best indoor family entertainment centers in the world in 2024

The family entertainment center (FEC) in the entertainment industry, also known as a family amusement center, or family fun center, is becoming a trend in recent years. The wide range of games and activities provides entertainment for all ages and leaves every member of the family with a fun and thrilling experience. FECs include an incredible wide range of entertainment options including trampoline, soft playground, climbing walls, arcade games, mini golf, sky rider, ropes courses, laser tag, and more.

If you are a beginner and explore the ideas of filling the FEC; or you are the owner of an indoor playground and need to update the play types of equipment, you will get inspiration from these 30 best family entertainment centers. This post will help to build your own creative and unique play center. Let’s get started!

30 best indoor family entertainment centers in the world

1. I-X family entertainment centerThe-International-Exposition Center indoor family entertainment center

Sometimes, you may hear the word of I-X Center in Cleveland, which refers to The International Exposition Center too. This indoor family kids entertainment center only runs for 23 days during March and April rather than run for all year round. So, people are merely able to play in this center at that designated period. Also, this center owns the Annual Ix Indoor Amusement Park that stretches out about 985,000 square feet. Due to its large size, people take this indoor amusement park as the largest one in the world. This event can source to 1992, where a 125-foot Ferris wheel is displayed on the Greater Cleveland Auto Show. At that time, the indoor Ferris wheel is the highest one in the world. Today, the space of 985,000sf turns to be the centerpiece of the IX Indoor Amusement Park. In this park, you can find out a Kidaville containing 30 rides for little kids, as well as the Trill City, where older children or adult can enjoy 22 rides.

In 2013, they have introduced some new rides to their indoor play park. White Water Ride, for example, has some soggy turns and a splash zone for those riders to get a different adventure. Also, you can find the Soaring Eagle Zipline, by which a pair of riders can soar around the park at a 70-feet height. What’s more, there are many funny and cool live performances for people to take a break from indoor adventures. From those live shows, you can see an array of ticks show by comedic canines. Also, you can see some special shows like Roberto the Magnificent, La Fiesta Latina, and a Christian Jam Session. As the largest indoor theme park around the world, the I-X Center is owned by the City of Cleveland while leased and run by the Park Corporation. Though the I-X Center only host the event during the Spring Break, thousands of tourists and locals went there and looked for some fun every year.

As for admission fees, here is the detailed information: $22 per adult, $19 per children older than 3, $10 per senior, and children under three will be free of charge. If you want to find a hotel at the Courtyard by Marriott Cleveland Airport South, you have optional packages of 4 breakfasts and 4 park admission fees at an average cost of $169.

Website: www.ixindooramusementpark.com

Phone number: 265-2586

Opening times: March 29-April 22

Address: 1 I-X Center Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135

2. Ferrari World: family kids entertainment centerFerrari World indoor family kids entertainment center

This indoor family entertainment center is owned by a hotel on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi UEA. Starting from 2010, this center park has an indoor space of 925,696 square feet, as well as a huge roof of 2,152,000 sf. Backed by those amazing numbers, this center ranges the second place of the world’s largest indoor theme park. One thing has to be mentioned is about the shape of its roof. While overlooking the whole structure in the sky, you will find out that its iconic red roof features like the side profile or a Ferrari GT.

If you want to pass through the beautiful cityscapes, you can count on your feet or drive a Ferrari 250 California Spider. In this park, you will have the chance to go through 21 different kinds of rides, which can bring you an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Actually, plenty of other fun activities are available for customers to have some relax and entertain themselves. For example, you can have fun with carousel, a dual-launched roller coaster, and interactive 3-D shows. Even more, this center has the fastest roller coaster, which is called Formula Rossa. It can reach a top speed of 149 mph where many customers like to let out a scream and a big laugh. The G-Force space tower will launch riders up and out of the building. With the admission, you can also go through many other activities like racing schools, galleries, virtual tours, racing simulators, a hang glider voyage, and a flume ride. usually, adults need to pay a single admission fee to get in the park and visit those attractions. Children will get a discount on their admission fees.

Website: www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com

Phone number: 600511115

Opening times: Every day from 11:00 am-8:00 pm

Optional packages:

  • Single Day Ticket: If you buy this ticket online, you can save up to 60 AED off the offline price. Also, with this ticket, you can get unlimited access to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi all day! Even more, if you are UAE residents, you can get AED 50 special rate for your nanny.
  • 1 Day Any 2 Parks: In case you want to visit two Yas Island Theme Parks in one day, you can buy this ticket while saving you about AED 130. Surely, you can choose any two Yas Island Theme Parks to visit. In the two parks you have chosen, you have access to all the attractions and rides.
  • 2 Day Any 2 Parks: Sometimes, people may feel that one day in this beautiful center can’t satisfy their needs. Then, they can buy the 2 Day Any 2 Parks for one more day. Usually, people who buy this kind of ticket will get a discount for each parking ticket compared to Single Day Ticket. What’s more, you will have 13 days, countering from the date of the first park visit, to visit both parks. Still, when you stay in Yas Island, you can enjoy the service of free pickup/drop-off shuttle bus every 15 minutes.

Address: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

3. Lotte World’s Adventure Indoor Theme ParkLotte World’s Adventure Indoor Theme Park indoor family entertainment center

This adventure indoor theme park is located in Seoul, Korea while there is another one in other areas. Except for this indoor theme park, you can also see an outdoor amusement park in that indoor family entertainment center. The outdoor amusement park, which is called Magic Island, connect by monorail to a 350-store shopping mall, a museum, a 533-room luxury hotel, ice rink, sports center, and movie theaters.

In 1989, Lotte World was created with a cost of $1billion. Such a huge expense will definitely build a perfect happy land for people from all over the world. According to the collected statistics, this indoor family entertainment center attracted more than 8 million people every year. Because of this amazing number, this play center, together with Tokyo Disney Resort, are both honored as a world-class theme park in Asia.

This adventure indoor theme park mainly comprises four play areas: Adventure of Sinbad, French Revolution, Jungle Adventure, and Pharaoh’s Fury. In each of these play areas, you can go through different themes and enjoy different activities. Followings are some exhaustive illustrations for each play area:

  • Adventure of Sinbad: In this area, you can see those traditional plays that every indoor playground is supposed to have for their customers. That means you can experience bumper cars, loop roller coaster, and bumper cars. Also, children will have their specialized children’s rides to enjoy an exhilarating ride.
  • French Revolution: The most iconic part of this area refers to the rotating roller coaster. You will get a feeling of near-miss crashes riding this kind of roller coaster. With the electricity put through, the high-octane and rotating roller coaster will keep on going out and back inside the park. If you are brave enough, you can take a view of the whole building while riding on the roller coaster.
  • Jungle Adventure: This play area is decorated with a jungle theme, in which you can see the jungle boat. Actually, the jungle boat can move along the monorail to help tourists travel through the whole park.
  • Pharaoh’s Fury: For those who have a strong curiosity about new things, this play area will live up to their fancy. For example, you can board a jeep ride to pass through Egypt. Also, you can come across lots of new plays like a balloon ride, an Animal Theater, and a theater with dynamic quiver seat.

The Adventure Indoor Theme Park has a construction of multi-level, which is totally added up to 20 acres. Meanwhile, the outdoor amusement park covers an area of 6 acres.

Website: www.lotteworld.com

Phone number: +82-2-1661-2000

Opening times: 10 am-10 pm for weekdays, 10 am-11 pm for weekends or holidays.

Admission fees: For the general tickets, an adult or kids above 13 (13 included) have to pay $27. And kids age from 36 months to 13 have to pay $24. As for the fast-pass tickets, all individuals of above ages have to pay $50.

Address: 240 Olympic-ro Songpa-Gu, Seoul, Korea HotelLotte Lotteworld

4. First World Hotel & Indoor Theme ParkFirst World Hotel & Indoor Theme Park indoor entertainment center

This indoor family entertainment center can be found at the mountain-top Genting Highlands Resort, outside where is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. First World Hotel comprises 6,118 rooms spreading on 28 floors in two towers. Below the hotel, you can see a 500,000 square feet plaza that houses arcades, shopping malls, Starworld Casino, 11 food outlets, and the Genting Indoor Theme Park.

The indoor theme park has thousands of active plays for its customers. To be honest, people who love active plays may lose themselves in this indoor theme park. While entering this park, you will see a mini stage intended for those live shows and a duplicate of the Statue of Liberty, as well as an Oscar statue. These are just the beginning, there are still many attractions await your exploration in a coming way. For example, cinema, carousel, haunted house, cyber world, archery, arcade, snooker center, bowling, splash pool, snow world, thrill rides, bumper cars, and Studio K. Still, there are many other attractions can provide you different experiences. For instance, water splashes indoor waterpark, Genting Sky venture, a cable car system, Genting Skyway, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Genting Outdoor Theme Park. One more attraction that worth a mention refers to Asia’s first skydiving simulator.

Website:  www.rwgenting.com.

Phone number: +60 3-2718 1118

Opening hours: Monday -Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm

Admission fees: Single Admission: RM138 for Star WarsTM, RM138 for Ralph Breaks VR, RM96 for Nicodemus, RM96 for Ghostbusters. Except for this package, they still have many other optional packages.

Address: First World Hotel & Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

5. Sanrio PurolandSanrio Puroland indoor family entertainment center

The Sanrio Company in Japan created this indoor theme park, which is located at Tama New Town, in Tokyo. Every year, over 1,500,000 people will come from all over the world to visit this indoor family entertainment center. After its tough startup, this indoor theme park, along with Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, is listed as one of the most popular parks in Japan.

Sanrio Puroland is decorated with those popular characters like Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Jewelpet, and many others like these. Followings are two of their hot attractions:

Sanrio Character Boat Ride

In this game, you can board a small boat to enter the world of Sanrio’s characters. After receiving the invitation from Hello Kitty, every participator will be engaging in preparation for a party with Cinnamon and company.

~Kiki & Lala~ Twinklingtour

Come on and immerse yourself in a magical “YunmeKawaii” world! Kids who always dream of a tour to Dream Star Cloud, the birthplace of Lala and Kiki, will have great fun. While entering this place, you will find out that the whole place is decorated with pastel-colored furniture, as well as enveloped in clouds.

Website: www.puroland.co.jp/spl/english

Phone number: +81-42-339-1111

Operating time: 9:30am-5:00pm

Admission fees: The admission has two different types of weekday passport and holiday passport. Weekday passport for an adult will cost 3,300 JPY, and for children of 3-17 years, it will cost 2,500 JPY. Holiday passport for an adult will cost 3800 JPY and will cost 2,700 JPY.

Address: 1 Chome-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo 206-8588, Japan

6. GalaxylandGalaxyland indoor family entertainment center

Galaxyland is an indoor amusement park, which is created at World Waterpark in 1985, Canada. You can find it inside West Edmonton with an occupancy of 400,000 square feet, as well as with various thrill rides. Listed as the top 25 Indoor Theme Parks in the world, Galaxyland is the first indoor family entertainment center that runs on a grand scale back to 1985. In fact, you can go through one of the world’s longest and tallest (14 stories) indoor roller coaster there. Also, you will find out that it is home to the pace shot, where there exists the world’s tallest (12 stories) indoor tower ride before the opening of a taller Space Shot Ride in Ferrari World. In this indoor play park, you will find a wide variety of indoor rides that can be sorted into three certain categories based on the age of players. They are separately called: 24 beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. First, Beginner rides refer to the simplest ones such as miniature dirt bikes, Ferris wheel, Indy-style go-karts, bumper cars, WWII planes, Kiddie convoy, merry-go-round, and so on. Second, Intermediate rides that are considered more suitable for older children. This kind of ride often includes a space-age tilt-a-whirl, a crashed space ship, a 12-car circular track, small roller coaster, turbo-ride theater, swinging boat, a gentle Space Shot, and a train ride. Finally, advanced rides cater to adults in a bigger size and faster speed. Involved in this area, a spinning roller coaster, a solar flare flipper-spinner ride, a 12-person Space Shot, a sonic twister, bumper cars for adults, a giant swing, and the indoor triple-loop roller coaster that ranks the world’s largest one.

In order to constantly bring visitors a feeling of fresh and exciting, Galaxyland has rebuilt many of its rides in the past time. However, you will always need to follow their rules and regulations to ensure your safety, no matter what kind of rides you are going to take. We have listed some of the rules that matter the most below:

Rules and regulations

  • Health concerns: Guests, who want to use the rides, should have no significant health problems. For example, motion sickness and back, stress-related conditions like heart problems or epilepsy, and neck or spinal injury will all account for the limits. Alternatively, guests having braces, casts or any other physical limitations cannot use the rides too. Either is the same treatment for the expectant mothers.
  • Guests in the park should stay walking at all times.
  • Before using the rides, please get through the maximum and/or minimum weight and height restrictions.
  • All carry-on articles and loose items should be removed prior to boarding. Guests can put them in Storage Lockers.
  • Kids Playpark is only accessible for children who age 12 or under. Also, adults should keep their supervision at all times.
  • Notice the Playpark is a socks-only place for everyone.

Website: www.wem.ca.

Phone number: 780-444-5321

Opening time: All year round. 12pm-6pm, Monday to Thursday

Admission fees: All-Day Ride Pass: $49 for general (43 inches or taller), $39 for under 43”, $10 off for seniors and guests with disabilities, $18 for chaperone under43”, free for aged 2 and under. However, there are still many optional packages and you can check them all on their website.

Address: 2784-8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2, Canada

7. Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of AmericaNickelodeon Universe at Mall of America indoor family entertainment center

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America is anchored by a shopping mall with an occupancy of 4,200,000sf in Bloomington MN. This themed play center reopened an indoor theme park in the size of 304,920sf. That is a new attraction, along with new characters of Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, came after Knott’ Camp Snoopy. In this massive indoor family entertainment center, you will have the chance to experience a thrilling from 5 roller coaster, 27 rides, and one water ride. As time goes by, some of these rides have already put on a new name, and some new rides joining in these families. For instance, you will hear shell shock, a surf-rider, the Avatar Airbender, a Euro-Fighter style coaster, the SpongeBob rock bottom plunge, Rugrats Reptarmobiles, Brain Surge, and a tower drop ride stand in the center of the park.

Opened in 1992, Mall of America gathers 42 million visitors every year. Now, the Mall of America is planning to expand its size to a double one of 5.2 million square feet. After construction of phase 2, this center will reappear with more retails, more parking, an indoor waterpark, 3 hotels, ice rink, a dinner theater, and the integration of the IKEY store.

Website: https://nickelodeonuniverse.com/

Phone number: 952.883.8800

Opening time: A year-round operation. 10:00am-9:30pm, Monday-Saturday.

Admission fees: Admission fees are not required for entering the park, but visitors have to pay for a certain point. That includes $70.99 for 84-Point Pass, $46.99 for 48-Point Pass, $29.99 for 30-Point Pass, $20.99 for 18-Point Pass, $7.20 for 6-Point Pass, $3.6 for a 3-point pass.

Address: 5000 Center Ct, Bloomington, MN 55425

8. Spooky Nook Sports CenterSpooky Nook Sports Center indoor family entertainment center

Inside Armstrong World Industries Inc Warehouse in Manheim, Lancaster Country PA, is an indoor family entertainment center named Spooky Nook Sports Center. This place has the largest indoor entertainment and sports centers in the nation. Actually, it contains many components such as video game arcade, food court, retail store, fitness center, dance and yoga studios, batting cages and pitching lanes, climbing walls, and dozens of athletic courts. All of these facilities take up half of the whole center while the raw area that takes up another half awaits development in the future.

According to the marketing coordinator, the annual income from events in Lancaster Country has risen up to $40-$50 million. For this economic impact, Spooky Nook contributed a lot. Based on the survey, it can create 58,000 room nights for local hotels every year. Even more, the number of room nights increase to 100,000 when the headquarter of USA Field Hockey moved into this place.

In Spooky Nook Sport, your families and you will find lots of indoor plays to add some special fun for your trip. Actually, you can go through lots of fun activities there such as take control of the arcade, hold a birthday party, test your coordination in the climbing gym or clip’s climb. With all of these things to do, you can take the Spooky Nook a go-to destination where your families and you can have some high-energy and healthy fun together.

Website: www.spookynooksports.com.

Phone number: 717.945.7087

Opening time: Monday – Saturday: 7:00am-10:00pm, Sunday: 8:00am-9:00pm. If there are any special events, the opening times may be earlier.

Admission fees: Fitness Center Day Pass: $15 per person. $40 per family of 3+. $25 per person for 3 consecutive days. Court or Turf Day Pass: $10 per person. VIP Pass (4 people): $69 for Monday-Thursday, $89 for Friday-Sunday. Ultimate VIP Pass (4 people): $139 for Monday-Thursday, $179 for Friday-Sunday. Also, they have separate packages for each attraction, you can check them on their website.

Address: 75 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA 17545

9. Trans Studio MakassarTrans Studio Makassar indoor family entertainment center

As one of the world’s largest indoor entertainment centers, Trans Studio Makassar can be found in Makassar in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Trans Studio covers 290,501sf, where distributes four play zones with 22 rides and games. This indoor family entertainment was built in an indoor theme park inside a 20-story building. This center can accommodate 5,000 people at a time.

As a matter of fact, it is Goddard Group of Los Angeles CA who designed the Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park. And they also have contributed to the design of Universal Studio and Six Flags. At the center of Trans Studio, you may feel that you are the production crew of a TV show or that you are a celebrity while in front of the camera. Also, Studio Center will show the visitors the tricks backing up the scene of great movies, as well as the glamour of Hollywood.

Website: https://transstudiomakassar.com

Phone number: +62-21-7917 5533

Opening time: Monday – Friday: 9:00am-8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday: 24 hours.

Admission fees: Weekdays: RP 150,000. Weekend: RP 200,000.

Address: Kawasan Terpadu, Jl. Metro Tj. Bunga, Maccini Sombala, Tamalate, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90224, Indonesia

10. AdventuredomeAdventuredome indoor family entertainment center

In 1993, the Adventuredome announced its establishment as an indoor amusement park of 217,800sf. This indoor amusement park is anchored by Circus Circus hotel and casino in Las Vegas NV. The dome of this park consists of 350,000 sf of insulated, pink-tinted glass. In this park, you can enjoy 25 rides and various attractions such as carnival midway games, bumper cars, a free-fall tower, Ferris Wheel, hot air balloon, a water ride, Virtual Reality Zone, Pikes Pass, an Xtreme Zone, clown shows, an arcade, 18-hole miniature golf course, rock-climbing wall, a double-loop roller coaster, and a second roller coaster. On October every year, this indoor play park will transfer into a Frightdome for people to celebrate Halloween.

Website: https://circuscircus.mgmresorts.com

Phone number: 702.794.3939

Opening time: Monday – Sunday: most of the time, they open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. They have the flexible time calendar which you can check on their website.

Admission fees: Regular Wristband Voucher: $33.95. Junior Wristband Voucher: $19.95.

Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

11. ToverlandToverland indoor family entertainment center

Toverland is a standalone indoor amusement park located in Kronenberg, Netherlands. It was opened in 2001 with a total space of 171,200sf. Entering this park, you will find this is a wonderful place full of Magic and Wizard.

In this indoor amusement park, they have the top 5 attractions recommended for all tourists. Once you have entered that park, you can choose to sit atop a motorbike to enjoy the high speed of Forest Racer Bobsled Ride, which has the honor of the world’s first roller coaster. Also, you can board a swinging ship that has a gradient of 75 degrees to enjoy a maximum air time. What’s more, the Troy wooden roller coaster, which features 3,280 feet long and 115 feet high, can reach up to a speed of 59 m/h where you can feel like your heart burst into your throat. If you an adventurous one, you will get immersed in this activity in on time.

Website: https://www.toverland.com

Phone number: +31 (0) 77 467 70 50

Operating times: Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-5:00pm.

Admission fees: €31.00 for adults and children of 120cm or above. €23.00 for children of 90-120 cm. €28.5 for people of 55+.

Address: Toverlaan 2, 5975 MR Sevenum, Netherlands

12. KidZania at the Mall of ArabiaKidZania at the Mall of Arabia indoor family entertainment center

This indoor edutainment center was opened in April 2013 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With its occupancy of 150,682, it ranks the largest indoor edutainment centers in the KidZania chain. Actually, people who have gone there will find out that the KidZania is a place built on a kid-sized scale. In this simulated world, children can make a role-play of their future occupations, which refers to firemen, doctors, or shopkeepers. Also, children will get paid for their separate job and that will make this play become more real and more fun. In fact, the whole indoor education center is built in the ¾ size of a real one. children can perform their play thoroughly in this imitated world which contains paved streets, a functioning economy, recognizable storefronts, and vehicles.

Typically, KiaZania edutainment centers have a big size of 80,000, which empowers them a place in the top 30. Actually, among the 30 largest positions, KidZania at the Mall of Arabia, along with other chain stores, have occupied 10 positions. Based on this fact, we can easily tell out that KidZania is the fastest growing chain of indoor entertainment centers around the world.

At KidZania, children of 1-4 years old will have the opportunity to behave like an adult. In fact, role-playing is a natural behavior for every child. Kids are born to imitate their parents without parents’ explanations or any previous learning. Actually, children can imitate what an adult does only through a simple observation compared to those sports or video games that often come with directions. In our daily lives, we can always see the child use a doll to be their child in role-playing. And they take care of their child just in the way their parents deliver to them. Through role-playing, children will not only learn how to live in a real world but also will get lots of fun.

Website:  https://jeddah.kidzania.com/en-sa

Phone number: +966 12 655 4115

Opening times: Monday-Thursday/Saturday, Sunday: 9:00am-11:00pm. Thursday: 9:00am-12:00pm. Friday: 3:00pm-12am.

Admission fees: Online prices: SAR 99.00 for children of4-14. SAR 69.00 for toddlers of 2-3. SAR 59.00 for adult. Offline prices (weekend prices): SAR 135.00 for children, SAR 85.00 for toddlers, SAR 75.00 for adult, SAR 49.00 for unique individuals (disabled, seniors, soldiers), SAR 59.00 for old man of 60+. Offline prices (weekday prices): SAR 99.00 for children, SAR 69.00 for toddlers, SAR 59.00 for adults, SAR 49.00 for unique individuals, SAR 49.00 for old man of 60+.

Address: Mall of Arabia (Gate 6, 2nd Floor), Nuzhah District، Jeddah 23532, Saudi Arabia

13. KidZania MexicoKidZania Mexico indoor family entertainment center

Opening in January 2012, the KiaZania in Mexico City-Cuicuilco became the ninth amusement center of KiaZania group. This indoor family entertainment center, whose size goes up to149,000 double, is anchored by a shopping mall. Because it has such a big size which is almost double of its typical 80,000sf, this entertainment center can accommodate 500,000 to 800,000 visitors at a time.

Just like its other chain stores, this KidZania also focuses on providing role-play games for children. What makes the difference is that it has a much bigger place than ordinary ones to absorb more occupations for children to go through. Particularly, this site has both indoor and outdoor zone for the child to learn from different aspects in various scenes. What’s more, this play center has kid-size highways for kids to learn to drive a real electric car.

Website: https://cuicuilco.kidzania.com/es-mx

Phone number: +52 55 5424 9500

Opening times: Saturday-Thursday: 8:30am-11:00pm. Friday: 3:00pm-11:00pm.

Admission fees: Offline prices (weekday prices): SAR 99.00 for children, SAR 69.00 for toddlers, SAR 59.00 for adults, SAR 49.00 for unique individuals, SAR 49.00 for old man of 60+. Offline prices (weekend prices): SAR 135.00 for children, SAR 85.00 for toddlers, SAR 75.00 for adult, SAR 49.00 for unique individuals (disabled, seniors, soldiers), SAR 59.00 for old man of 60+. Online prices: SAR 99.00 for children of4-14. SAR 69.00 for toddlers of 2-3. SAR 59.00 for adult.

Address: San Fernando Avenue 649, Manantial Peña Pobre, 14060 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

14. Berjaya Times Square Theme ParkBerjaya Times Square Theme Park indoor family entertainment center

In 2003, the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park was opened with a total space of 133,000sf. This indoor family amusement center was anchored by a hotel and a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In this indoor play centers, you will have the opportunity to experience the multiple inverted indoor roller coasters. According to the relevant analysis, their indoor roller coaster with 48 seats can reach a speed up to 50m/h, as well as a height of 98-feet where you may not dare to look down! Except for the thrilling roller coaster, you can still try other activities there. For example, the giant pendulum swing ride, spinning spider-like machine, wacky version of the merry-go-round, and a crazy gondola. Tons of fun will be one of the several avails that you can get from all of these indoor plays.

Since this indoor theme park is anchored with a 48-story twin tower, condominium, hotel, and shopping center, it is really a hot spot at the local. In this massive amusing center, you can find more than 1200 luxury service suites, 1000 shops, and 65 food outlets. According to the reports, this place ranks the eighth largest building worldwide.

Website: https://berjayatimessquarekl.com

Phone number: +603 2117 3111

Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm

Admission fees: Package of Feel Good Family Getaway costs 455.00 MYR/night. Except for this package, you can still find many other packages available on the website.

Address: Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

15. KidZania SeoulKidZania Seoul indoor family entertainment center

This KiaZania, which refers to 8th edutainment center of its chain stores, can be found in Seoul, Korea. In 2010, this indoor family amusement center was built to a size of 120,000sf, which made itself the third largest in the KidZania chain. Every year, this entertainment center can attract 876,000 people. In other words, the daily attendance of this indoor amusement center went up to 2400. Such an amazing number will enforce us to think of that this center must have its exclusive activities in attraction for those people. Actually, it does have the Home Shopping and Cake House. And both of these activities can reflect the local culture, thus to cater to local people.

In the Rice Cake House, children can independently make ice cakes with the raw materials and required tools. Some of them are happy with using pestles to pound grains to mortar-like. Also, they will use other fruitful candies for decoration or colorful slim for a packaging job. As for another exclusive activity, kids will immerse themselves in using a piece of real broadcasting equipment to host a special TV show. The Home Shopping has successfully created an imitated world, where children can earn, save, spend, or donate the KiaZania currency naming Kidzos. Through these impersonated activities, children are able to learn the value of work, as well as how the economy functions in the market. For each job, children will have 30 minutes to role-play different professions and jobs. Based on the facts, this time interval is considered enough for the child to accomplish their duties and gain what they want. During this time interval, kids will not only get senses of accomplishment but also develop their confidences.  Throughout the whole role-playing process, parents of these role-playing kids can watch their child through large windows, which is specially designed for parents’ supervision.

Website: http://www.kidzania.co.kr/web/eng/home

Phone number: +82 1544-5110

Opening times: They have different opening times for each shift. First shift: 10:00am-15:00pm from Monday to Sunday. Second shift: 15:00pm-19:30pm from Monday to Sunday. Day pass (both two shifts): 10:00am-19:30pm.

Admission fees: Half of Day Pass for the 1st shift: 40,000 Won for a child (3-6), 18,000 Won for a guardian (over 17). Half of Day Pass for the 2nd shift: 36,000 Won for a child, 16,000 Won for a guardian. Day Pass: 59,000 Won for a child, 19,000 Won for a guardian. Besides, if you just want to have a quick experience, you can choose the 3 hours Coupon Ticket: 24,000 Won for a child and 10,000 Won for a Guardian.

Address: 240 Olympic-ro, Jamsil 3(sam)-dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, South Korea

16. Iplay AmericaIplay America indoor family entertainment center

Covering an indoor space of 115,000sf, this indoor amusement park is a standalone amusement center founded in 2011. You can find this indoor family entertainment center in Freehold NJ, USA.

This indoor amusement park is home to 200 arcade games, where those energetic kids will reap tons of fun. Also, you can find many other indoor plays in this children’s amusement center like soft play equipment, go-karts, traditional boardwalk games, bowling, 2-story laser tag, a 4-D theater. Do not worry when you feel hungry, you can find various kinds of delicious foods in several eateries such as Broadway Sweets Candy Store, Mixx Self-service Yogurt shop, Sonny’s Boardwalk Grill, City Square Bar &Grille. Usually, all people, if not, almost most of them who have different tastes can satisfy themselves in these eateries. Normally, you can always come across to those exciting rides over there. For example, you can see an amazing a wing, a dragon roller coaster, the IPA Speedway, and a free-flight zone.  In fact, those thrill seekers show a great interest in being propelled to a height of 15 feet by the crazing swing. They will get an unforgettable thrilling experience through this process. In the zone of IPA Speedway, those energic people can enthusiastically show off their superb go-kart racing skills. What’s more, this indoor play center can offer kids out of school welfare of extended hours, during which those kids can gain complete fun. Still, team-building programs and youth groups are all welcomed by this indoor play park.

Website: www.iplayamerica.com

Phone number: (732)577-8200

Opening times: Monday-Thursday: 4:00pm-9:00pm. Friday: 4:00pm-10:00pm. Saturday: 10:00am-11:00pm. Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm.

Admission fees: iTykes: $11.99 for unlimited kid ride-ons. iRide: $22.99 for unlimited rides. iRide Plus: $29.99 for unlimited rides. Power Play: $29.99 for 4 hours of unlimited non-redemption video games. Thank You: 10 percent off for military & first responders & their families.

Address: 110 Schanck Rd, Freehold, NJ 07728

17. Kalahari Indoor Theme ParkKalahari Indoor Theme Park indoor family entertainment center

Kalahari Indoor Theme Park in anchored by Kalahari Waterpark Resort and Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells WI. According to the record, this indoor family entertainment center was opened in 2008 with a 110,000sf indoor space. While stepping into this indoor theme park, you will find quantities of adventure and amusement facilities with various appearances.

In this indoor theme park, visitors can take a ride on the 6-story Ferris wheel that lies in a spectacular glass enclosure. They can choose to take an exhilarating ride on the African-theme carousel too. For those who want to challenge themselves, they can try on the ropes course and climbing walls. Except for this, this indoor amusement center still has many other activities for visitors to have some fun. For instance, you can go through a game of laser tag, play golf with 18 holes of mini-golf, as well as play the bowling with 24 lanes. For those fresh hands for golf, they can practice golf thoroughly by using two high-definition golf simulators. If you want to race your partners, you can choose the 2-story elevated go-cart track of 430-feet long as the venue. Here, visitors will have the opportunities to go through a giant 12-person kiddie swing for unique swinging experiences. Plus, this resort also has the Safari Outdoor Adventure Park where you can find a small petting zoo, ropes challenge course, rock-climbing wall, and a zip line.

At Kalahari, the resort is home to 125,000sf conference center, 125,000sf indoor waterpark, and 735 hotel rooms. Surely, such a big resort which complex with multiple functional entities will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Website: https://www.greatwolf.com

Phone number: 800.768.9653

Opening times: Attractions in the indoor theme park have different opening times. For example, the Howlers Peak Ropes Course will open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Admission fees: Admission to the park is free, but you have to pay for each attraction. For example, here is the price for Howlers Peak Ropes Course: pricing: $14.99 for the single climb, $19.99 for unlimited, $4.99 for children under 48 inches.

Address: Wisconsin Dells, WI

18. KidZania BangkokKidZania Bangkok indoor family entertainment center

This is another edutainment center located in Thailand of KiaZania chains. Compared to other chain stores, this center has a 107,000sf space, which is connected to a large shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

This indoor edutainment center just runs like other chain stores, where children can play and learn in a role-playing game. Here, you can find its decoration in a life-like style, in which children age 4-14 years old can role-play in a replica city. The role-playing of firemen, for example, allow kids to act like a real fireman to put out the fire. By going through what real firemen do in their daily lives, kids will learn to beware of fire safety. That awareness will keep them safe both in temporary and in the future.

Website: https://bangkok.kidzania.com/en-th

Phone number: +66 2683 1888

Opening times: Monday-Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm. Saturday & Sunday & holidays: 10:30am-8:30pm.

Admission fees: Weekdays: 640 THB for adults, 1,100 THB for kids, 700 THB for toddlers, free for babies.

Address: Siam Paragon 5th Floor (North Zone), 991 Rama1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

19. Disney QuestDisney Quest indoor family entertainment center

In 1998, this indoor interactive theme park was opened with a 5-story, windowless building, which is joined with the shopping mall. It has an estimated space size of 100,000sf and can be found at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando FL. At the first floor, there is a magical elevator, by which visitors can rise up to the third-floor atrium, from where they will start their whole trip. Once you get in the third floor, you will see lots of interactive plays such as a virtual jungle cruise, Radio Disney Song Maker, touch screen easels, create-a-toy, animation academy, magic carpet ride, cyber-space mountain, and a pirate ship where you can play the interactive guns. What’s more, you can still see pinball, an alien invasion, and the comics.

To enter this indoor interactive park, you just have to pay for a single flat fee. With the general admission, you can enjoy all the games and attractions in this indoor play park. If you want a cheaper admission fee, then, you can buy the late-night tickets, which is usually sold for half-price. However, with the late-night tickets, visitors only have two hours prior to closing to enjoy the activities.

Website: www.disneyworld.disney.go.com.

20. Joypollis-Sega ate Umeda-Osaka, JapanJoypollis Sega ate Umeda Osaka Japan indoor family entertainment center

This indoor entertainment park was opened in 1998 with a space size of 96,867sf on the 8th and 9th floor. Umeda-Osaka is settled inside the HEP 5 Shopping Center, where you can find an iconic red Ferris wheel on the 7th floor. This indoor family amusement center has a reputation for the best entertainment and shopping complexes in Osaka. Inside, you can find 600 games, as well as 6 large-scale simulators in the shape of UFO catcher. What’s more, Giant Jungle Creatures and Wild River will offer you different experiences.

Website: http://umeda-joypolis.sega.jp

Phone number: +81 6-6366-3647

21. Plopsa Indoor Theme ParkPlopsa Indoor Theme Park indoor family entertainment center

This indoor theme park is anchored by an exposition center in Hasselt, Belgium. In 2005, Plopsa Indoor theme park announced its establishment in size of 96,300. In this indoor theme park, there are many attractions for kids of all age to have fun such as Bumba’ Playground, K3-Disco, Maya’s Playground, The Aquatic Playground, The Ball Bath, The Bumper Cars, the Climbing Mountain, the Crooked barge and etc. Sitting in the Ball Bath, you will find out that they are surrounded by thousands of balls in the colors of the rainbow. If you prefer, you can roll over all these colorful and adorable balls from one side to the other. If you are a big K3 fan, then, you cannot refuse to have a try on the K3-Whirligig. Since you can float together with Marthe, Hanne, Klaasje over the Village Square.

Website: https://www.plopsaindoorhasselt.be/en

Phone number: +32 11 29 30 40

Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-5:30pm

Admission fees:  Free for individuals under 85”, €10.99 for individuals between 85” and 99”, €19.99 for individual above 1m, €10.99 for individual senior 70+, €14.99 for disabled guests. If you have a plan to visit in the evening, you can buy the evening ticket, whose price is €14.99.

Address: Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

22. KidZania Sao PauloKidZania Sao Paulo indoor family entertainment center

This indoor edutainment center was found in August 2013. It is connected to a Shopping Mall at Eldorado in Brazil. This center has a space of 91,485 to provide all visitors with edutainment experience.

In this center, they have authentic role-playing of various professions to help kids balance learning with playing. Kids can deliver the role-playing games in many scenes such As Academy of Aviation, Advertising Agency, Children Support Agency, Driving School, Bank, Barber Shop and So On. Next, we made a simple introduction for some of these role-playing games.

  • Academy of Aviation: To imitate an Airplane Pilot, kids will learn ways to fly an airplane through training by professionals. After this stage, kids can perform a fly by themselves and deal with orders by the commander. Through the training and simulated flight, kids can develop skills of critical thinking, logical reasoning, as well as gain auto knowledge. While learning to follow the instructions, kids will foster a sense of responsibility too.
  • Advertising center: At this part, kids’ main mission is to advertise for their products. Being an advertiser, kids have to host a campaign based on human rights, friendship, sustainability and other themes in such kind. When children are trying to come up with creative campaigns, they can develop their creativities. Besides, skills of critical thinking and communication will also have a place for their further development. While engaging in advertising campaigns, kids will also learn more about social responsibilities.
  • Driving school: At KiaZania Sao Paulo, children have to learn the rules of driving and how to drive on a road. They have to learn carefully to pass the driving test and get their valid driver’s licenses. To get a real feeling of driving, children will sit in an imitated car, where they have to follow the rules to perform well. Through this process, children will fast develop their motor skills, along with other skills like logical reasoning. At the end of the driving course, children will understand that driving is a simple and fun activity, which also requires a lot of responsibilities.

Website: https://saopaulo.kidzania.com/pt-br/activities

Phone number: +55 11 3995-4500

Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 12:00am-4:00pm, Day 19/4: 12:00am-2:00pm.

Admission fees: Online prices (weekdays): R$89.00 for children, R$40.00 for adults, R$20.00for seniors. Online (weekends): R$129.00 for children, R$49.00 for adults, R$24.5 for seniors. Offline (weekdays): half-way ticket for children, R$45 for adults, R$ 22.50 for seniors. Offline (weekends): R$139 for children, R$55 for adults, R$27.50 for seniors.

Address: Shopping Eldorado, Av. Rebouças, 3970 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP, 05402-600, Brazil

23. Joypolis-Sega OdaibaJoypolis Sega Odaiba indoor family entertainment center

This indoor entertainment center is anchored by Deck’ Tokyo Beach shopping mall in Tokyo-Odaiba, Japan. Joypolis-Sega Odaiba was opened in 1996 with a total 88,275sf space. Before July 2012, this indoor amusement center once got a renovation of its whole place. In this play center, visitors can imitate snowboarding in the halfpipe canyon to show off their excellent senses of balance. Since this indoor park has Sega virtual reality machines on the 6th floor, visitors can ride hand glider through a duplicate tropic island. Many active games are also available for visitors to experience something different. For instance, Halfpipe Canyon, Initial Drift car game, Dance Dance Revolution, Burnout Running, and etc. Still, this indoor amusement center has laser tag, a whirling roller coaster, and Spin Bullet for their visitors.

Considering the fact that these games have some risks, so they have made some restrictions for visitors to play safely. Here are the rules:

  • People who carry a child is not permitted to join the play
  • Children who cannot operate the equipment rightly are prohibited to join in.
  • Guests should ride in the passenger seat wearing safety devices.
  • Children not accompanied by a guardian can only play in mild mode
  • Guests weighing over 110kg or taller than 200cm are not able to ride.
  • Children under 7 years old are not permitted. Also, children aged between 7 and 11 are allowed to play with the supervision of a guardian.

Website: http://tokyo-joypolis.com/language/english

Phone number: 03-5500-1801

Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-10:00pm

Admission fees: Admission ticket: 800JPY for adults, 500JPY for children between 7 and 17. Passport ticket (admission & rides included): 4500JPY for adults, 3500JPY for children. Night passport ticket (admission & rides included): 3500JPY for adults, 2500JPY for children. Late-night passport ticket (admission & rides included): 3000JPY for adults, 2500JPY for children. Except for these packages, they still have many other packages available based on a different period of validity.

Address: Japan, 〒135-0091 Tokyo, Minato City, Daiba, 1 Chome−6−1 3F~5F DECKS Tokyo Beach

24. Joypolis-Sega OkayamaJoypolis Sega Okayama indoor family entertainment center

Inside Joypolis-Sega building is the Joypolis-Sega Okayama, which is an entertainment complex in size of 88,275. In that entertainment center, you can see a large statue of Sonic, which names Hedgehog. Certainly, those who have played the Sonic games must know Sega is exactly the company producing those original games. Except for the high-tech games, visitors can also enjoy Karaoke and a bowling alley. Actually, you can go to this center at any time you want, because it is more than a nigh spot. It is a great option to go to Joypolis-Sega to look for fun in case your plan excludes a bar.

This indoor play center is almost a kingdom for games. You can find out all kinds of games over there. For example, video games, medal games, music & video games, and prize game. In the medal game, you may feel like you are gambling in a casino because you can get almost the same excitement while in an easier way. Generally, the most interesting part of this game will count on the fact that multiple groups of people can join in at the same time and share their excitement together. However, you can also challenge yourself by increasing your current tokens to as many as you can.

Website: https://tempo.sega.jp/en-top.html

Phone number: +81 86-232-8790

Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-17:00pm

Admission fees: Admission to this play center is for free. But you have to pay for a certain game.

Address: 2 Chome-10-1 Shimoishii, Kita Ward, Okayama, 700-0907, Japan

25. KidZania 4 in JakartaKidZania 4 in Jakarta indoor family entertainment center

As we mentioned before, the KidZania group has opened many edutainment centers in the world, of which ten ranked the world’s largest indoor entertainment centers. Typically, most of these centers own space from 80,000sf to 160,000sf. This chain store was created in 2007 accompanying with 80,722sf space in Indonesia.

In this edutainment center, there are also role-playing activities transformed from those real jobs in our real world. Kids can perform the role-playing game under many replicate spots such as a Smartphone Experience Center, Sports Shoes Company, Tattoo Corner, Secret Agent, and many others like these. Followings are what kids will do and what they can gain from the role-playing.

  • Smart Phone Experience Center: Within 25 minutes, kids can choose to play the role of customer service staffs or customers. While working as a customer service staff, the child will learn to serve their customers with excellence. As they find a better way to communicate with customers of various needs, they will understand what people really desire from this call and offer corresponding services. So, in this role-playing game, those participators will learn about the technology in communication, as well as social skills that will help them to make new friends in the future.
  • Shoes Factory: The duration of this activity is 20 minutes, during which kids can act like a shoemaker or a quality controller. No matter what their characters or their jobs are, one common thing that they all have to do is to make a hit kick to the goalie. In this production line, kids first have to assemble the parts of the shoes in the right sequence with the designated tools. After the finishing of one shoe, the child needs to check the quality of the shoe according to certain critical indexes. The final step before transporting shoes into chain stores or retails will be the ultimate test, by which good is the product considered to be. Through this imitated production process, children will develop motor skills and gain other skills like critical thinking, self-knowledge, and spatial concept. Aside from these gained skills, children will also learn the values of responsibility, tolerance, sharing, and integrity.

Website: https://jakarta.kidzania.com

Phone number: +62 21 5154888

Opening times: Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm. Friday-Sunday: 9:00am-8:pm

Admission fees: Monday-Thursday: IDR.50,000 for toddlers of 2-3 years old, IDR.225,000 for the child of 4-16 years old, IDR.175,000 for adults, free for seniors 65+. Friday-Sunday: IDR.100,000 for toddlers, IDR.275,000 for the child, IDR.225,000 for adults, free too for seniors 65+.

Address: Pacific Place, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. 52-53, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

26. KidZania 11 in Santiago, ChileKidZania 11 in Santiago Chile indoor family entertainment center

Established in May 2012, this KidZania is located in Santiago, Chile. Actually, this place is a real family entertainment center, because they not only get the role-playing that stands for every KiaZania chain stores but also has interesting activities for parents. This center prepared exclusive activities like a TV channel, Study of Magic, Dance Academy, Fashion Boutique, Court, for parents to engage in as spectators. Aside from these activities, parents can also choose to sit in Dads Room or Work Café to watch documentaries or play some video games. In Work Café, they can buy themselves juices, hot drinks, and pastry foods.

Just like other chain stores, this KidZania also has its own role-playing games. There, you can find Acting Academy, Automotive Center, Skin Care Center, Entrepreneurship center, and many other spots like these to deliver a role-playing game. Now, I am going to show you details about some of these role-playing games.

  • Acting Academy: In this duplicate spot, boys and girls who have a dream to be the protagonist in a show will have the chance to be a temporary actor or actress. They can perform a show in an incredible staging, in front of where are their families and friends watching their shows. While involved in planning a real show, children will be able to learn about the play and acting techniques. Also, working in a team will help the child foster skills of collaboration, communication, and coordination. Even more, the moment where kids receive recognition and applause from the spectators will bring them confidence and let them beware of the value of self-esteem.
  • Automotive Center: In this reproduce automotive center, the picked character for children will be an automotive designer. Here, kids will have the chance to engage in the design process and in the assembly of intact cars. To produce a high-quality car, kids have to make sure that their design is fully considered with environmental effects and the high standards of safety and quality of Toyota. Except for these technical issues, children can find an interesting fact that the date of the first automobile brought to Chile from Europe is May 1902. Engaging in this kind of design process, kids will learn about some details about Toyota’s design and assembly processes. What’s more, they can know what kind of rules they have in the high-quality standards of Toyota vehicles.

Website: https://santiago.kidzania.com/es-cl

Phone number: +56 2 2964 4000

Opening times: Monday-Wednesday: closed. Thursday: 9:00am-2:00pm. Friday: 10:00am-19:00pm. Saturday: 11:00am-19:00pm. Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm.

Admission fees: Online prices: free for babies under2, $6,950 for infante and seniors, $16,950 for children aged from 4 to17 years old, $10,950 for adults. Prices in person: free too for babies, $7,950 for infante and seniors, $17,950 for children, $11,950 for adults.

Address: Av. Pdte. Riesco 5330, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile

27. KidZania at Cairo Festival City in EgyptKidZania at Cairo Festival City in Egypt indoor family entertainment center

This indoor children’s amusement center is opened in June 2013 and you can find it inside a shopping mall with an area of 80,250sf. This KidZamia has more than 80 role-playing activities for children to fully explore the world. Also, they have places for parents to relax and enjoy when their children are exploring the KidZania’s world. Parents lounge, where parents can take a break from their worries, are one of those recreational places for parents. At this place, parents can lie comfortably in a soft sofa, enjoy a cup of coffee, as well as read a book from a huge library.

As we all known, KidZania is specialized in preparing role-playing games for kids to take an exploration. This indoor edutainment center also has over 80 activities like Construction Site, Culinary School, Dental Care, DHL, El Sewedy Energy Solution Center, and so on. All of these role-playing activities are thoughtfully designed for children to go through different works. Here are the exhaustive descriptions of some of them.

  • Construction Site: A solid base and sufficient manpower are the basic requirements for buildings to rise from the ground up. In this section, children have to work as an engineer to cooperate with their group members to build a brick wall. When kids put their whole hearts into this task, their understanding and horizon to the importance of construction work in cities will be dramatically broadened. Aside from this, such role-playing will also help develop their mathematical intelligence, as well as improve teamwork spirit and communication.
  • Culinary School: In this culinary school, children will meet many talented chefs in the city. They will be told how to maintain healthy eating habits and a good balance in nutrition. If your child ever has difficulty in keeping a good habit, then this role-playing will help them to cure that off. In addition to these benefits, kids can also learn about the principle of weights and measuring, which help develop their calculating abilities.
  • Dental care: In this area, kids will have a 30 minutes duration to fulfill their fancy of being a dentist. They will be told to dress uniforms and get those indispensable tools ready for treatment on their patients. Also, before performing a live checkup diagnosis, professionals will teach the child about nous of proper teeth and oral care. After this short duration, those kids will learn many about their teeth, as well as how to protect their little pearls from damages.

Website: https://cairo.kidzania.com/en-eg

Phone number: 16593

Opening times: Sunday-Wednesday: 9:00am-6:00pm. Thursday: 9:00am-9:00pm. Friday & Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm.

Admission fees: Non-Pazzport Holder Ticket 7 hours: free for babies aged 1-year-old and under, 225EGP for toddlers aged between 2 and 4 years old, 295EGP for kids aged from 4 to 14 years old, 75EGP for adults. Pzzport Holder Ticket 7 hours: free for babies, 215EGP for toddlers, 280EGP for kids, 75EGP for adults. Online tickets 7 hours: the same as the Pazzport Holder Ticket 7 Hours.

Address: Mall, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

28. KidZania 7 at Dubai Mall in the UAEKidZania 7 at Dubai Mall in the UAE indoor family entertainment center

This KiaZania was opened in 2010 at Dubai Mall in the UAE. People who have been there must already have found it with a large size up to 80,000sf. This center has extensive usage in providing role-playing, planning for school visits, as well as hosting birthday parties. Through a school visit, children can learn in a more effective way and gain lots of fun. They can learn things that perfectly complements the curriculum and that cannot be learned from the class either. Usually, parents always want to make their child a birthday party full of precious memories. In this family entertainment center, you can get everything you need to celebrate the occasion. To make the birthday party more memorable, you can also add some special extras based on your own understanding.

Of course, the most typical section in this play center turns to the role-playings. Learning and fun are perfectly rolled into one in a 7,000sf replicate city, where kids aged from 4 to 16 years old will find more than 40 role-playing activities to explore the world. In fact, these role-playing activities aim to benefit kids from different aspects in different scenes. Some of these activities are for education, culture, or entertainment, while others are for health or others.

Website: https://dubai.kidzania.com/en-ae

Phone number: +971 800 382246255

Opening times: Sunday-Wednesday: 10:00am-10:00pm, Thursday: 10:00am-11:00pm, Friday & Saturday: 9:00am-11:00pm.

Admission fees: Economy: AED185 for people of 4-16 yrs. Premium: AED250 for people of 4-16 yrs. Adults: AED75. Toddlers (2-3 years old): AED105. Babies (0-1year old): free of charge. Senior citizens (65-100 years old): AED65.

Address: Financial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

29. KiaZania at R-City Mall in Mumbai-Ghatkopar, IndiaKiaZania-at-R-City-Mall-in-Mumbai-Ghatkopar India indoor family entertainment center

Opened in July 2013, KiaZania Mumbai covers a land of 79,991sf at R-City in Mumbai-Ghatkopar, India. It is a global indoor learning and amusement center for families. There is a duplicate city built in children’s size for kids of 2-16 years old to role-play the real works. In this reproduce city, every child will have opportunities to go through 100+ activities while in a unique, safe, and interactive environment.

In this indoor theme amusement park, not only kids (4-16 years old) will find their fun, but also toddlers (2-3 years old) can get their early education, and still, the adults can enjoy a relaxing time. For kids, they will have a large amount of role-playing games to explore. They can role-play in replicate places like Family Health Clinic, Fashion Studio, Frooti Mango Drink Factory, Furtados Music School, Gas station, and etc. kids can go through almost every job they have seen before. This indoor play park also prepared activities aimed to give toddlers an early education accompanying with fun. There are special activities like Happy Deliveries, Serve the City, and Enjoy Services as a Customer for toddlers to gain both physical, intellectual, emotional, and social benefits. While kids or toddlers are engaging in activities or succeeding in them, parents can also get something else aside from supervision. They can take a break, have some drinks, as well as surf the internet in the lounge. In this park, all family members will immerse themselves in a happy time.

Website: https://mumbai.kidzania.com/en-in/

Phone number: +91 89064 44666

Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm. The opening time may vary on Wednesday & Friday.

Admission fees: Fixed 5 hours (2 shifts): ₹1100 for kids (4 to 16 years old), ₹550 for toddlers (2-3 years old), ₹550 for adults, ₹350 for senior citizens 60+. Flexi 5 hours: ₹1200 for kids, ₹600 for toddlers, ₹600 for adults, ₹400 for senior citizens. Full day pass: ₹1350 for kids, ₹700 for toddlers, ₹650 for adults, ₹400 for senior citizens. Last 3 hours: ₹750 for kids, ₹450 for toddlers, ₹400 for adults, ₹250 for senior citizens.

Address: R City Mall, North Wing, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086, India

30. KidZania 10 in Kuala Lumpur-Petaling JayaKidZania 10 in Kuala Lumpur Petaling Jaya indoor family entertainment center

This center announced its birth in January 2012 covering a land of 79,646sf at Kuala Lumpur, Curve NX. In this indoor family entertainment center, you will find more than 60 activities for children to perform the role-playing game. Kids aged from 4 to 14 years old can go through real-life occupations. Through all kinds of role-playing games, children will become more independent, learn about the value of teamwork, as well as develop basic skills and even financial literacy.

What goes special with this KidZania will refer to the B.KidZania Programme. After applying to be a Citizen through the Citizenship Programme, kids can receive a reward from their efforts and learning process. With the consent of parents, kids will get a stamp on their Pazzport for each activity they have participated in. Typically, the more stamps the child earn, the more benefits they will gain and the higher their Pazzport level goes to. However, there are some terms and conditions you may have to get through:

  • The registration fee for B.KiaZanian is RM33 for one child. It is a one-off fee and non-refundable.
  • Registration available for kids of all age
  • Parents have to show their consent at the Pazzport office.
  • Children will be considered as a B.KiaZanian Citizen before 17 years old when this membership will automatically expire.
  • Citizens have to present their Pazzport to the ticketing/airport counter every time visiting KiaZania Kuala Lumpur.
  • The Pazzport has the same impact at other KiaZania facilities that implement the same programme.
  • A fee of RM20 will be needed to replace one missing, lost, or damaged Pazzport.

Website: https://www.kidzania.com.my

Phone number: +60 3-2203 9666

Opening times: From Tuesday to Sunday (Saturday excluded): 10:00am-5:00pm, Saturday: 10:00am-7:00pm. Monday is closed.

Admission fees: Babies (0-1year old): free. Toddlers (2-3 years old): RM46.00 for a walk-in fee, RM41.4 for online purchase. Kids (4-17 years old): RM95 for a walk-in fee, Rm85.5 for online purchase. Adults (18-59 years old): RM50 for a walk-in fee, RM45 for online purchase. Seniors (60+): RM38 for a walk-in fee, RM34.2 for online purchase. Disable people: RM38 for a walk-in fee.

Address: Curve NX, 18, Jalan PJU 7/5, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


As the industry continues to grow, FEC games and equipment will continue to become more inclusive and diverse.

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