How to Compare the Indoor Playground Supplier?

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For many people, set up indoor playground is their dream; meanwhile, it is a big investment risk. Selecting a credible indoor playground supplier is a very crucial stage when you are at the stage of selecting the indoor play structures. This article will provide a checklist to gather all essential information before choosing the most suitable supplier.

Top Quality Attractive Indoor Playground Supplier



1. Safety of indoor playground equipment supplier

Whenever and whatever we buy something, safety is our most concern aspect. Therefore, you need to check whether the supplier is able to provide safety certificates for all materials and play activities. As we know, the certificate is issued by the authority laboratory, it cannot be of fraud.

The other aspect is on the material they use for the play games. It is better to confirm the quality details by visiting the factory in person. The following questions are useful to know their quality standard:

1, is the deck made of only foam with PVC leather or is there wooden structure under? How thickness of the deck in total?

2, What is the thickness of foam? is it strong enough?

3, what is the thickness of floor mat? is its high density?

4, Is plastic part is thin or thick? is it strong enough to bear the wight?

5 what is the size of steel post?

The above questions are critical because all these quality details will influence safety, maintenance, and the play experience of children. The best way is to visit the supplier’s finished project (at least one year), so you will see clearly how it holds.

2. The playability of play activities

After confirming the safety, the next step is to select play activities. The basic principle is diversity, playability, and interactivity. It is better to make a plan for your whole play area. Is it for different age group? do you need a coffee room? or selling area? When you plan exact size for each area, let us move to specific play games. Interactive games are a necessity. The play function should vary from simple games to challenging games, which will arouse the adventure desire of kids. Rope course and ninja course are good choices for big kids; soft plays are suitable for toddlers. Color theme and decorations will increase the attraction of your play center, so investors should pay attention to it.

3. Installation level of the indoor playground supplier

Some people take it for granted that the engineers of the supplier are professional and no need to worry about the safety. It depends. During the installation process, you need to inspect some details. For example, are the soft cover (steel pipes) fixed by plastic belt well? Is the net tight strong enough? is the ball pool fix tightly?  If the engineers do not focus on the details and just install the whole structure games, it will cause safety and maintenance problem in short time. Therefore, you need to require professional and responsible engineers from the supplier.

4. Warranty and after sales service of the indoor playground supplier

Many buyers will ignore the warranty and after-sales service when they sign the contract.  You must let the seller explain clearly what service they offer during warranty time; what they can do when the warranty time is due.

Besides, after sales service is very helpful for your late operation. The supplier can provide marketing strategy and operating skills, which is very important for new operators. Also, they will update news and new products for you.

Generally speaking, in order to choose the best manufacturer of the indoor playground, you need to focus on safety,  playability of play activities, installation level, warranty and after-sales service. Only you take all these aspects into consideration, you can find the ideal supplier and have a good beginning of your business.

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