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indoor play equipment

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Management strategy for toddler indoor playground

For an investor who invests in a toddler indoor playground, it is simpler to start the indoor playground. As long as the investment money is OK. But, how to run the toddler indoor playground is more difficult. Because this industry is very competitive, so we tailor-made for customers a lot of business models and precautions.

Work together with the shopping mall. It’s a good way to start a business. This approach can reduce risk, at the same time and the interests of the shopping mall bundled together to facilitate long-term operation. We also have to set up a soft play area and a children arcade game machine area. In the venue renovation, we also have to consider the establishment of toilets, lockers, beverages and other areas. In a word, we need to stand in the service customer’s angle to consider the question. Operators should avoid fierce competition in the same area unless you are far superior in product design and scale.

Pre-market Promotion method

Hire a number of billing staff, a group of people around the mall to distribute advertising leaflets. Another group of people to the community to distribute advertising leaflets. The operator may invite the children of the kindergarten to play in the indoor play center. In cooperation with shopping malls, the full amount of shopping is complimentary playground vouchers. Organize small activities in the indoor play center, reward the top three, and establish good relationships with children and parents.

Follow-up promotion

A ticket per original price, the waiter gives the child a seal(Playground logo). The five seals can be exchanged for a ticket. 10 badges can be exchanged for a doll. Activity Products playground operators decide for themselves.

Brand Marketing

Operators through a variety of advertising methods to promote publicity, enhance the image of the store, so that consumers recognize this indoor play center. We design a cute cartoon animal image and use it as a mascot to increase the affinity of the toddler indoor playground. With their own brand image, so the playground is easy to win the trust of customers. If the store near the well-known large businessmen can join the old customer feedback activities, this will be a playground brand publicity will be very helpful.

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