mobile playgrounds

Children living in the 21st century has changed the way of play because of access to mobile devices. In the previous time, children are always like to run freely on the playgrounds and sidewalk. They have got lots of fun when they are chasing with their friends. And on the indoor playgrounds, mobile playgrounds or outdoor […]

9 rules for trampoline park safety

Our bodies require exercise to maintain our health, happiness, and energy. Especially for children, doctors and professionals suggest that child needs a minimum of 60 minutes of free play. Having enough hours of play, the child can furtherly develop their emotional, mental, and physical abilities. The bottom line for everybody is they should work out […]

keep indoor playground cleaning

Indoor playground is the best place for kids to release their imagination and reap lots of joy. In a normal indoor playground, kids can have tons of fun when they are playing with different equipment. The simple but fun ball pits, magic slides, role-playing, socializing, can live up to all kinds of expectation of kids. […]

Step2PiratesCoveClimberSlide indoor slide

Have you ever thought about bringing your little ones some fun inside your home? Now you can bring it to reality by making a toddler indoor slide. Children always love soaring down an adorable colorful slide and that usually brings kids developmental benefits. Climbing slowly to the upper of the slide and pushing themselves down […]

swing safety issues

In recent years, over 200,000 kids in us are sent to an emergency room for an urgent treatment due to the injuries on the playground[i]. In 2003, the hospital emergency room treated over 208,100 children, who got injured from playground equipment[ii]. Among those injuries, falls from playgrounds equipment are the biggest single hazard pattern. And […]

AdventureParkusa adventure indoor playground

Looking for a place for kids to have some fun? Adventure indoor playground is actually an ideal place you can take into consideration. Adventure indoor playground usually features swings, interactive games, ball pit, obstacles, slides, and trampolines etc. There are several quite popular adventure indoor playgrounds in us all worth a try. I will give […]

indoor play park

Planning on a family trip to Singapore? You may also find an indoor play park for your child to have some fun. Then, the fabulous list of 30 best indoor playgrounds in Singapore can offer you a reference, I guess. 30 fascinating indoor play parks worth your visit in Singapore 1. Airzone The most attractive […]