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For Arcade game center operating, do you think it is just open the door and wait for customers to come? If you think so, you are totally wrong. For better business, windbaggery is nothing helpful, instead, you must ponder and implement every step of management. Today, we will share with you the following useful managing skills.

1. The focus of on-duty management

① Make use of the necessary management tools and apply it skillfully

② Some basic managing skills: target setting, communication skills, tracking feedback, the establishment of leadership style

③ Pay attention to promotion of turnover, equipment maintenance, profit control, staff training, crisis management

2. The objective of on-duty management

Short-term goal

①Smooth and steady operation

②Achieve the turnover goal of this shift and supervise the implementation of the promotion plan

③Coordinate staff, equipment, small change and gifts and other materials, Operating smoothly and profitably

④Supervise and complete the maintenance and updating of machine equipment

⑤Complete management and training of shift of personnel

⑥Coordination of all aspects of relations: with government, owner and Property management office

Long-term goal

①Customer satisfaction 100%

② more reasonable and effective use of resources

③ Attract customers, increase turnover

④ enhance the management level of arcade game center

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3. On duty management process of arcade game area

The daily management work is very tedious.Operators should implement standardized management because it determines the success of business! On duty management will lay the foundation for the continuous development of arcade game center.

Preparation for duty

①Self-examination: Prepare a good state of mind, uniforms, clean image


◆ Read the manager’s message, the company official document

◆ Check turnover estimates tables, income tables, cashier transfer table; analyze the turnover and make the target of on-duty turnover

◆To Read the maintenance and cleaning list: schedule routine maintenance and cleaning work

◆ Set the quality and service goals

◆Check on work attendance. Communicate with the previous manage about staff arrangement.

③ Material inspection

◆ Using the store inspection table for handover inspection

◆Check the machine equipment, checkout counter, gift box and all other materials are available

◆ Prepare for change

◆ Check cleaning and disinfection supplies

④To check all game machines equipment according to the shop inspection table, machine equipment status shift table, maintenance work report

on duty work process

① Communicate goals, track and collect feedback with every staff

② Duty tour

③ Inspection of machine equipment to ensure service quality

④Concerned about security work

⑤Talk to the customer and focus on the customer’s needs

⑥Ensure sufficient gifts and other materials, properly preserved

⑦Carry out maintenance and cleaning of game equipment

⑧Track the work and training of employee

⑨Complete the administrative work

Finish work after duty

①Transfer duty to next shift

②Handover some problems after the inspection

③Write work message

④Organize some forms and administrative work

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4. On duty skills of arcade game area

During the on-duty process, you can make use of the following skills to improve the management level and the effect of duty.

1. Triangle way of thinking: Discover Problems → Quickly Judge and Decisions → Take Action

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①Discover Problems:

In order to collect information and discover the problem, you need to use all available tools:  shopfront inspection form, marketing tracking program, security inspection form, cleaning inspection form, maintenance cleaning form, etc.

②Quickly Judge and Decisions

The principle of judgment is: to ensure normal operation, maintain customer satisfaction, maintain a high standard of quality & service & cleanliness, ensure a good working team and high staff morale. In accordance with this principle, you can determine the priority of solving the problem.

Make a decision:   who, what, how to solve, how to check and track the completed results, and finally to whom to communicate feedback on this matter, to remind people to pay attention to such things.

③Take action:

Following your decision, you can take action. After the action is completed, give the opinions of the authorized person in a timely manner to encourage or amend, then keep track of feedback in future work.

2. Customer relationship

① maintain and customer communication:

When you are on duty, chat with your guests and help them, call out regular customers’ names and learn about their preferences.
It is better that you use customer questionnaires for regular customer visits.

② handling complaints:

Keep in mind: Usually, malignant complaints come from small complaints that are failed to solve quickly and well-intentioned. Indeed, most customers will be dissatisfied with our handling attitude!

③ Please follow the procedures below to handle complaints:

Be Calm, polite, professional gesture. Ask the customer to talk to the manager’s room or to other places where can avoid other guests.

Besides, apologize for the inconvenience caused to the guests by talking with the customer for help and understanding.

What’s more, Listen: Do not interrupt the guest’s state, try to use the positive eye contact and modal particle, body language allowing customers to say more. This can win customer’s respect and ease customer emotions, learn more about the situation. According to self-authority, you provide the feasible solution to customers. Sincerely thank customers for their help and support.

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5. Management tools of arcade game centers

Work shift table, Attendance table, Message book, inspection table

①work shift table: staff(cashier, waiter, cleaner, and security)  shift table, Technical maintenance table, Management group table

②Attendance table: collect statistics of attendance, specify job placement a clear individual responsibility, and arrange training,

③Message book: Communicate the next shift what things need to pay attention.Remind recent and daily work priorities

④inspection table: it is a guidebook to check the work and find the problem. You can handle One by one and make records.

Turnover Estimate and Income Statistics Tables

① Turnover Estimate: Understand the goal of turnover of the day, upgrade the business plan with the current promotion activities.

② Income Statistics: Understand the turnover and trend of the previous 1 day and the previous 1 week. Analysis of rising or falling turnover, thus determine the shift time of the staff, machine equipment, coordination of gifts and accessories and other materials. Completion of operational preparation for peak hours of ahead of schedule.

Cashier shift table

To understand and check on the cash income (games currency, gifts, other income)of last shift. Make sure the items on the checklist are correct and identify the actual effects of the promotion.Check the training and job performance of cashier.

Recent promotional documents and prizes registration form

To understand and discover the highlights and opportunities for promotions. Grasp the use and inventory of promotional gifts.

Store inspection table, machine equipment maintenance table, technical maintenance work report

Check the work of technical maintenance personnel: daily inspection of machine equipment, tool list, daily must deal with matters.

Learn about the latest machine equipment information and consumer groups (consumer content, consumer time, game machine consumption ranking).

Only you know and master the work of technical staff, then you can ensure the quality of game equipment because It relates to the company’s survival and customer satisfaction.

You also need to put more time and energy into the machine equipment understanding, control, and maintenance. The only way to accurately and timely understanding of your customers and effectively increase turnover. Achieve high-quality level.

Company documents

View and transmit this important information to employees on duty, so you can ensure that they receive timely and get accurate instructions

Member Information Registration Form, Customer Communication Form, and Customer Complaint Record

① Member Information Registration Form, Customer Communication Form: it is a good way to understand customer needs and find opportunities for operation. Timely feedback customer comments.

②Customer complaints record: to understand the contents of complaints and to resolve the situation. Improve work and improve operating conditions.

Recent training arrangements and tracking programs

Firstly, determine the training plan through the training section and arrange for appropriate personnel to attend. Secondly,  track the actual effect of training courses.

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6. FAQ of arcade game centers

For Customers

①Complaint customers

Firstly, the staff should communicate with the customer in a polite and sincere way. Call the manager if the staff cannot solve the problem beyond his authority.More importantly, you should listen to customer’s state, rather than finding the excuse or shirking responsibility.By knowing the situation, you will think and find the solution based on agreement on two sides.

② customers have questions about the arcade game machine

Coin stuck problem

Manager or employee: “please wait a moment, I’ll check it for you. Please give me your money.”  If the machine coin is stuck, you will notify the technical maintenance personnel to deal with it immediately, and also apologize to the guest. It is suggested that the guest play other arcade game first, then wait for the machine to process, and notify him immediately.

Equipment failure and suddenly crashes

Managers or employees: “Please wait a moment, I notify the technician to deal with.”

If it is operational problems, you need to prompt the guests to play in the correct way;  if it belongs to technical problems, you should apologize to the guests: “Sorry, to bring you trouble it!” At that time, you suggest guests first play equipment, then do a record, report technical maintenance staff.

③For customers fight with others or have dispute with others

Customer and customer disputes

Employees should immediately notify the duty manager, the manager should immediately separate the disputed customers, and then bring the customer to a place with a  small number of people.The manager needs to understand the situation and propose a mutually acceptable approach.

Dispute and fight between customers and employees

The manager must immediately separate them, show his identities, and then inform the customers and staff of the situation and point out that beatings are not allowed. If you are not doing enough or employees hit the customer first, the manager should apologize to customers, and negotiate a reasonable solution.

After solving, the manager must find the staff counseling and make a record. If you are right and the customer hits the employee, the manager must tell the client hitting employee is illegal, if necessary, let the customer apologize to the staff. Managers need to listen to their thoughts and feelings and keep track of them.

④For unreasonable customers

Staff should immediately notify the duty manager. The manager shows his own identity, explain to guests the principle of our services. He is not welcome if he is still frivolous quibbling.

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For Government department

① Relative department

◆ Property Management Office: water supply, power supply facilities management, and other property-related management

◆ Commerce and Industry: Manage the approval of the arcade game store signboard, whether the arcade game store is beyond the business scope permitted by the business license

◆ Police station: dealing with various public order problems in the store

◆Fire Department: Fire safety department responsible for inspecting fire extinguishers placed, fire escapes, emergency lights, fire hydrant

②How to handle surprise check of relevant departments

◆ to confirm the identity of officials and their check content;

◆ In the whole process of inspection, managers must follow to prevent adverse factors to the company

◆If there are problems, the managers no need to explain too much.what they should do is to keep the phone number of the officer and immediately informed the person in charge of the arcade game city.

For media

① Television, newspapers, radio interviews

◆ understand the identity of the reporter and obtain business cards; explain provisions of the company: the arcade game store does not accept interviews, you can contact the person in charge of the arcade game City;
◆ Provide contact number of the person in charge to reporters, and notify the video game city.

② negotiate  cooperation of arcade game center
◆ shop manager/duty manager to understand the general situation about the cooperation projects, and obtain relevant information;
◆ leave communication way, notify the principal of arcade game city.

Generally speaking, on duty management is a complex work.  It is not only a  long process but also needs to upgrade day by day.  Without a doubt, arcade game centers operators need to know clearly about focus and objective of management, do well in the on-duty work process, make use of different managing tools and skills.

Wonka playground believes stick to your objective, implement management steps strictly, then you can run well of your arcade game business and create profit.


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