How to plan children video games

video game in the indoor play center

The children video game makes use of sound, light, electricity, color and other elements ingeniously, so children’s arcade game equipment is full of fun and very popular in the market. But the cost of children’s game facilities is relatively high. So, planning children’s game equipment are very important for the indoor playground, It can not only attract customers but also save costs.

The size of the children video game area

The size of the indoor playground area directly affects the plan of amusement equipment. Some gaming facilities are larger and not so suitable for small playgrounds. For a small playground, it can place relatively large size of children’s games facility. But such an approach could lead to a relative increase in costs. So we need to choose facilities according to the area of operation.

The children video game combination of static and dynamic

Children’s gaming facilities belong to dynamic facilities. The cost of dynamic facilities is higher, while traditional static facilities cost less. Static devices also have a strong appeal to customers. Therefore, the general indoor playground equipment is a combination of static and dynamic. The combination of the two in a certain proportion, coupled with a reasonable layout, can increase the availability of fun and enhance the customer experience.

Children video game age difference

We need to discriminate between children of different ages. So we have to select video game equipment according to the age of the main target customers. For small children, we can choose a wobbler machine; For young people, we can choose the challenging video game equipment.

Customer needs

The playground business is getting hotter. More and more parents take their children to the playground for recreation. At the same time, customers also have the need for enlightenment. Some children’s video game equipment can improve the children’s ability to discriminate color. Some children’s video game equipment can exercise children’s memory. The operator should choose the children’s video game equipment that can meet the needs of the customers.

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