How to avoid Covid-19 at indoor playgrounds in 2022

How avoid Covid-19 at indoor playgrounds
With the COVID-19 pandemic alleviating, the entertainment industry is gradually returning to normal. many trampoline parks and FECs are allowed to reopen for business. It is very good news for the operators. However, it is essential to keep customers and staff safe and healthy. What preparations you should take before the trampoline park reopens during COVID-19? Wonka playground company, as a professional indoor playground supplier, would like to share a series of safety measures to make sure the safety of the play area.

6 security measures avoid COVID-19 in the indoor playground

1. Make sure you can open your play area

No matter how eager you are to open the indoor playground, you must make sure that the government is allowed it. Even if the restaurant, cinema, shopping center, or other business is open to the public, you also need to check whether your reopening of the play area obeys the current regulations and guidelines of your government. The indoor playground is a high children gathering space, safety is especially important for them.

2. Train your staff on the safety information

Your staff is like a security guard of your indoor playground, they should be trained on-site and well prepared for your reopening. They need to kindly remind the kids and parents to keep a safe distance, wear masks, clean hands, take temperature, etc. They must be aware of symptoms of the symptoms of COVID 19, and do not encourage them to visit your trampoline park/FEC if they have any of the symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. What’s more, they should be trained on how to deal with customers/visitors with COVID-19 symptoms.

3. Require customers to obey the precautions

The requirement to wear a mask and take the temperature

It is a necessary and basic step for customers to wear masks and take their temperature. Before going inside, the staff should remind the customers about these two procedures.

A reminder of hand disinfection: 

It’s always crucial to encourage kids to do hand disinfection before and after playing on the playground. The hand sanitizer should be placed at the entrance and easy to access. This action will be effective to reduce the germs left on the surface of the indoor playground equipment

Recommendation for physical distancing:

Mark a 3 feet physical distance sign on the floor and between seats, so it is easy for people to understand what is safe space.

Make all the possible procedures touch-free

The less touching, the more safer. You need to encourage the customers to use a touch-free payment system, it is a good way to reduce face-to-face transactions. This touch-free procedure not only keeps safety but also improves the efficiency of your indoor playground.

4. Control the capacity of the play area

It is very critical to control the number of customers in the playground. You can imagine what it will be like if it is too crowded in a limited play area. The parents will feel unsafe letting children play inside. The operator needs to arrange the capacity at one time to make sure people have a safe distance from each other.

5. Clean the play equipment more often and more careful

Cleaning work is always crucial for play equipment, and it is even more important during a pandemic situation. You need to make sure, not to damage play equipment when you clean it. For plastic equipment, you can use a mild detergent and damp cloth to wipe down surfaces; for soft equipment, you need to sanitize the surfaces often to remove the pathogens. For the tables and chairs, and washing rooms, you also need to do disinfection work several times before and after people using it. This maybe takes much time and labor to do cleaning, but it is a critical step because a playground that appears clean isn’t necessarily safe. You must kill those invisible germs that kids can leave through sneezing, coughing or touching surfaces. Don’t hesitate to quickly sanitize your equipment when it’s not in use.

6. let the customers aware of your efforts

You can take videos or photos of how dedicated work you have done, to make the customers feel safe and considerate. The customers will come back again to play in your playground.


Only when you follow these precautions strictly, you can assure kids and parents a sense of safety and normalcy in the special situation. Although the covid -19 is not so serious as before, it will coexist with us for a long time, we should be prepared and do well of the above precautions. It is not related the health of our customers, but also a necessary premise of normal business. Only when we can make sure no more affections, our business can keep going in long time.

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