Indoor playground installation guide

how to install indoor playground equipment iron pipes maps

Is it easy to find the supplier of the indoor playground? The answer is yes. Right now, it is the buyer’s market; that means, the buyer has a lot of choices for indoor playground manufacturers. After purchasing the indoor play games, The buyer comes up with a problem: how to install indoor playground equipment? how can I combine these accessories and combine a playground? It is a common difficulty for many playground buyers, today, we will provide the solution for you.

Two ways  to solve indoor playground installation

Normally, we have two ways to solve this problem. One way is to install by the buyer; the other way is to send the engineer and assist the buyer to install the playground equipment. However, which way is better? It depends. If your area size is not big and the design is also simple, we suggest you install it by yourself. You can require the supplier to provide detailed instructions or video, so you can follow the steps to finish the assembly. If your play area is a big size(more than 200 square meters), and you are a newcomer to playground equipment, we suggest you pay money to send the professional engineer to your site. The installation level matters the appearance and safety of your whole playground.

how to install indoor playground

Indoor play equipment assembly instructions

If you choose to install by yourself, we provide the following detailed instructions, so you can assemble the play equipment independently. As you know, there are various parts, so we have different steps for different play items. our sequence is started from iron pipes, then play games, the next is web, the last step is the floor mat.

Iron pipes maps

indoor playground iron pipes maps

indoor playground iron pipes maps1

indoor playground iron pipes maps 2

indoor playground iron pipes maps design

how to install indoor playground equipment iron pipes maps

The installation of indoor playground equipment is similar to building a house, the first step is to set up the frame. Let us take this 100 square meter design for example. The size is 12 meters long, 9meters wide and the height is 2.9M. it is a two-level play structure. Please notice the maps are for the first level, second level and the top level of iron pipes.

As you see, we mark the length of different pipes by red font. You need to collect all the pipes of the same length together, it will save your time later. For those pipes we do not mark the length, they are standard pipes with 170CM. Connectors are indispensable accessories to connect all pipes. Please notice the different colors and shapes of connectors. They play an import role to combine different play games. If you use the right item of connectors,  it is not a difficult job to assemble the iron pipes.

Maps of soft play installation

After finishing the assembly of the iron frame, we begin to fill the play games in it. There is no installation order of soft play games. It is better to study the top view of each level, you can know the location of each game.

Ball blaster game

indoor playground ball blaster game

For each ball blaster, there is an iron ring to support it. The first step is to fix the iron ring to the frame structure;  then connect the ball blaster to the iron ring. It is necessary to put soft PVC cover on the surface of the iron ring, which is a good way to protect children from hurting.


how to install indoor trampoline park

install indoor trampoline park

The trampoline we mention here is standard size, that is 22.44M by 22.44M. The main parts include a trampoline net, soft pad, steel frame, and springs. since we already finish the steel frame, so we begin to fix the trampoline net by springs. During this step, you need to make full use of your power to pull the trampoline net towards the four sides. Fix the hooks of the spring to the frame. The last step is to put the soft pad on the top of spring. The soft pad will make it look beautiful; at the same time, it will protect children when they fall down.

ZIP line

for the whole of zip line
Whole of zip line

for the front of zip line 1

for the front of zip line 2

for the front of zip line

Front of zip line

for the back of zip line 1

for the back of zip line
Back of zip line

It is a popular play item in the play area. You need to pay attention to three import point when you install it, the front, the back, and the bottom. Both of the front and back part, you need to drill the hole and fasten them to the iron pipes. There is a soft board under the zip line, children can touch it when sliding down. Some iron pipes support the soft board for safety.

Tube slide or tunnel slide

tube slide or tunnel slide for indoor playground

tube slide or tunnel slide

Many kids like to crawl through the tube slide, nearly each play area will have this plastic game. It is made up of two plastic boards and one tube.  Firstly you need to fix one of the board to the frame by screws, then connect the tube to the board, the last step is the o fix tube to the other board.

Spiral slide

spiral slide for indoor soft play

If the soft play area is high enough, the spiral slide is a necessity. The installation is not as easy as the tube slide. It consists of several pieces of plastic tube;  each tube has different angles. You should check the total quantity, position, and angles of the plastic tube. The first piece tube, fixing to the plastic board, is 90 degree, then other tubes follow each other. The last piece is the exit tube. The most important thing is to adjust the angle and connect the tubes next to each other.

Net bridge

indoor playground net bridge

net bridge for indoor playground 1

net bridge for indoor playground 2

net bridge for indoor playground 3

net bridge for indoor playground 4

net bridge for indoor playground

The net bridge includes two pieces net, one-piece plastic ring, and two pieces plastic board. First, fix one plastic board to the iron frame; second, fix one side of the net on the edge of the plastic board; third, fasten the other side of the net to the plastic ring. The other piece of net is the same assembly way. It should not be ignored that there is an iron ring under the plastic ring to support the weight.

Ball pit places

install ball pit calculator

ball pits for toddlers

ball pit places

Ball pit places are made up by several pieces of soft board.  We will remark number on each board, then you install the same number board(with two opposite direction)together, such as the following number “4”.

Fiberglass slide

fiberglass slide

indoor playground fiberglass slide

Comparing plastic slide, fiberglass slide looks more attractive. It is necessary to learn how to fix this play game. Drill the hole at the beginning part of the slide, and fix it to the iron pipe; for two pieces of slide next to each other, you need to fix them by screws. We mark the same number for those two pieces.

Soft ladder or soft rock climbing

soft ladder or soft rock climbing

indoor soft play soft rock climbing

There are many various shapes of ladders, but the fixing way is not a big difference. There will be two iron pipes to support the ladder; fix the ladder to the pipes. Besides, you must fix the beginning part of the ladder to the horizontal pipe.

Web or net of the whole play area

net of the whole play area

web of the whole play area

web net of the whole play area

The web is vital to the whole soft playground. When you finish the assembly of all play games in the frame structure, the next step is to fix the web. There is no special skill,you just need to make the best use of strength. Pull the web as straight as possible. Use the net to tie the web tightly.

Soft PVC Cover

indoor playground soft PVC Cover

Soft PVC Cover is a good way to protect children. After installing the net, install the PVC cover, and according to the different shape of the connectors on the pipe, you use the knife to cut PVC cover to match the shape, to make it more beautiful, then use the belt to tie PVC cover.


The last step is to fix the mat. You need to raise the whole play structure and lay the mat.


No matter you choose to install indoor playground equipment by yourself or require the engineer to assist you to install, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the play area.  If you need more information about the indoor playground installation, please feel free to contact us.

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