Which interactive sports game elements for trampoline parks?

Are you planning a trampoline park or indoor sports area? Trampoline parks are the fastest growing attraction of the entertainment industry. They gained worldwide popularity by combining exercise and healthy activity for the whole family.

It is common to see big trampoline parks near you. These trampoline parks include a variety of play games that are challenging and suitable for children, especially for teenagers. But to be a successful trampoline park, it should cater to all ages, allowing the whole family to enjoy the same activity and to join in the fun and energetic atmosphere of playing. Today, Wonka playground company supports your plans with a comprehensive range of interactive sports games and trampoline park equipment. Make sure you can make the best use of your space by adding various kinds of equipment and fun attractions for players.

How to combine a commercial trampoline park with interactive sports video games?

First of all, you need to have an overall layout for all ages. It can be planned into three main areas: indoor soft playground for small kids, trampoline park with jumping and challenging play games for teenagers, and interactive sports arena both for children and adult.
The main attraction of indoor soft playground is unique shapes and bright colors. big slide, giant ball pool, pretend play house, various kinds of hurdles are highlights for it. You can plan some soft plays and educational games that combine play and study together, then the kids will linger on there and forget to go home. Interactive game is also a good way for parent-Child interaction.
Another important play area is for trampoline park. Here it allows the players to defy gravity, build confidence, learn new skills and push their limits to new and exhilarating heights. The followings are popular and challenging play zones.

Trampoline Park Slam Dunk

trampoline park slam dunk

Maybe you experience play basketball at gyms and courts. but have you tried playing basketball while jumping on trampolines? Bounce on the trampoline, take aim, fly into the air, and slam dunk! Here, you play basketball like a top NBA player. The area features full-height basketball rings above runway trampolines surrounded by padded walls and floor mats. Basketball is fun, by adding trampolines on it, and that’s what you call entertainment!

Battle beam

Battle beam

visitors can challenge each other for a game on the Battle Beam. Two players are standing on the narrow beam with a battle stick. Holding sticks at hand, two players try to knock the opponent off into the foam pit. The one who stands steady and not fall down will win the game. The Battle Beam is equipped with soft materials for safety and can be combined with a Foam Pit or Airbag. It is a test of balance and strength.

Dodgeball arena

Dodgeball arena

Dodgeball arena is field with terraced trampoline fields. It is a perfect blend of dodgeball and trampoline. The arena is separated by two equal size zones, fenced by net to prevent the balls from falling outside the play area. Trampoline dodgeball is high intensity sport game requiring power, speed and reactions.

Swing bridge

swing bridge in the trampoline park

swing bridge.jpg

It is a new and exciting games for trampoline park. People stand on the bridge and move by the legs, keep the same rhythm with others while trying not to get off from the bridge. The more people, the more fun. It is not easy to keep balance and steady on it.

Velcro wall/Spider wall

indoor velcro wall


indoor spider wall

If there is a chance, do you want to stick to wall like a spider?  Put on the Velcro suit and check all the different positions in which you can land. Bounce and get set for the jump! Right-side up, upside down, sideways, backwards! Any way you land, you’ll have a blast!  This indoor Velcro Wall rental includes two sticky suits, available in small, medium and large size.

Inflatable Soccer Darts/Football Darts

This fun, challenging and interactive game combines soccer and darts. Players kick a sticky ball onto the inflatable Dart board, to see if you can get the ball to stick on the dartboard or even score a bullseye! It designs the same point system as a regular Darts game. Come to join and test your soccer skills against your mates!

Inflatable Wipe Out/Meltdown

inflatable wipe out

The aim of the game is very simple, players stand on the podium, duck or jump over the spinning beam, and try to maintain the balance, avoid being knocked off by the spinning beams. Actually, it requires the reaction speed and most action. Recommended age:above 10 years old.

Donut slide of trampoline park games

Donut slide of trampoline park games

Another mainstay of trampoline park is the donut slide. Players sit into a donut-like ring and glide along the straight or curvy donut course from the top. The path is specifically-designed to speed up slipping, allowing the players to accelerate further and land safely on an airbag. It brings the feeling of skating in winter season in the most exciting way, which allow players enjoy the great joy of skiing.

Foam Pit

trampoline park with foam pit

Jump from the platform and take a dive into giant foam Pit, you will be surround pit! The foam pit zone is designed to practice your courage safely into a pool of huge foam squares. So soft, it will feel like a cloud.

Drop Slide/Vertical Slide

trampoline park drop slide vertical slide

Designed for both children and adults, drop slide/vertical slide is certainly a daunting challenge to anyone who sits on the top for the very first time! There are two play ways of it.

The first way is that Player slides down directly from the top of the slide and experience the incredible speeds and thrill of the most exhilarating free-fall down the Drop slide. Once player conquer their fears, they will be lining up to feel the thrill again!

The other way is that players hold on the handlebar and be lifted up along the vertical slide. Let go at any point during the lift and enjoy a speedy descent to the bottom.

Both of the play way will let you feel the adrenaline rush!

Sky stepper

Sky stepper of trampoline park or indoor playground

The sky stepper is a free-standing attraction in trampoline park or family entertainment center. It is a novel climbing wall challenge. Actually, it looks like the traditional quincuncial piles used for kungfu practice in China. The attraction is equipped with soft padded piles of different lengths from low to high. It exercises the courage of players to climb from the bottom to the top, and can effectively exercise the flexibility of the limbs and muscle elasticity.       k

Sky Rider/RailFly

sky ride railfly trampoline park

The Sky Rider is a marvelous attraction that combines roller coaster and zip line. It is powered by gravity and suitable for both children and adults. When you sway through the bends, let gravity take you away. It surprises you with real adrenaline rush!  The Sky Rider can be can be integrated into an existing trampoline park or built as part of an overall attraction.

Interactive climbing wall

Indoor interactive climbing wall

Interactive climbing wall is an innovation for your existing trampoline park as an extension or can be integrated in new trampoline parks. Scared of falling? No need because the rock wall is situated above a foam pit.

As an inseparable attraction of trampoline park or indoor playground the Climbing wall is very popular among people visiting entertainment centers. We produce climbing walls with various levels of difficulty, which are adapted to the age, height and abilities of users. The climbing wall allows you to check and test your strength and agility.

In combination with an intelligent sensor or projector system, the climbing wall will take every user into a virtual world of fun and competition.

Interactive trampoline/jump/AR trampoline

Interactive ar trampoline

Interactive jump is a casual puzzle game with simple gameplay, simple and fresh screen, comfortable and pleasing background music. Players here can be fully relaxed, experience wonderful competition, exercise balance ability.Game Instructions:The player enters the sensing area of the game and starts the selection screen after sensing the character. There are three games to choose from: island castle, abandoned sailboat, island relic ship, and the difficulty gradually increase. After the selection, players join into the game interface. The Players will bounce on the trampoline according to the game scene, and knock down the flying birds in the sky and fish in the water one by one. If there are health points left within the game time, you will succeed, otherwise you will fail.

Ninja Course/Ninja warrior

ninja warrior for trampoline park

Ninja warrior is the perfect addition for trampoline parks. It is a new breakthrough competitive indoor amusement project. With a variety of challenging routes, players break these hurdles and reach to the end like a warrior. The elements are manufactured from a variety of materials including wood, iron and plastic. There is a range of elements that can be delivered on request.

Sports simulation

The sports simulation game is the perfect expansion of existing trampoline parks, and is attractive for older people as well as families. The whole family can participate it. All these interactive sports games empower the trampoline park to be more immersive and engaging.

It has options for various ball games including interactive football/soccer, interactive tennis, interactive baseball, interactive golf, interactive bowling and interactive basketball; other sports activities like Archery, laser tag and boxing are also very popular.

Trampoline park sports basketball simulator

interactive video basketball

Play rules

1、It allows two persons or more persons play at the same time

2、The closer the rim, the lower the score; and the farther the distance, the higher the score

3、it tests both the accuracy of the shot and the strategy of the shot, scoring as much as possible in a limited time

4、this game has four levels. Within a limited time, the sum of the five basket shots is the final game score

Sports tennis simulation

Sports tennis simulation

The tennis system uses the computer digital simulation technology to design the outdoor real tennis court into the digital software system, and shows it on the big screen in front of the user through the projection of the projector, and simulates the environment of the players playing outdoors. The high-speed camera sensor in front of the equipment can instantly measure the flight speed, Angle and rotation of the tennis ball. After being processed by the computer system, the trajectory of the tennis ball is projected on the big screen in real time, which fully simulates the playing experience of the real court. Users have a strong sense of immersion in the simulation training process.

Interactive baseball simulation

Interactive baseball simulation

It is a combination of fitness and entertainment. Using motion capture technology, image motion simulation technology, virtual reality fusion technology, data acquisition technology, voice processing technology, multimedia technology, body movement, swing angle and other movements are obtained through the Stage motion capture system, and these data are reflected in the virtual role model. Meanwhile, the virtual role actions are fed back to the opposing party’s trainers to realize the single-player baseball game or network battle, so as to achieve the goal of fitness of players.

Interactive football simulation/interactive soccer simulation

Interactive football simulation

In the game, players can choose a simple brutal penalty kick mode or a more skillful free kick mode. At the end of each inning, our detection system will show your hit position, average speed, goals scored and goals conceded. Our interactive soccer simulator offers multiple game modes and environments, as well as precision ball tracking and customized stadiums and players

Interactive boxing simulation

Interactive boxing simulation

It is one interactive game that combines pressure relief, fitness entertainment. This interactive boxing has three game scenarios and three game levels; By hitting intelligent force-sensing sandbags, Players play against characters in the game.

Game play instruction:

1, Players select the number of game participants by hitting the left and right intelligent force sensing sandbags; After selecting, players will hit the middle intelligent sandbags to confirm;

2, Players select the game scene by hitting the left and right intelligent sensing sandbags; After selecting, hit the middle intelligent sandbags to confirm

3, When the game begins, the game character will randomly appear in front of any intelligent force sensing sandbag, and the player must hit back game character in time;

4, If the player is attacked, the blood bar in the game screen will be reduced; When there is no blood bar, the game ends.

5, There are three levels of this game; when the first level is successful, you will enter the next level;

6, Hit times, hit power and other relevant data will be recorded during the game.

7, The game will be ranked at the end of each round; and the ranking rules are based on the number of punches, that is, the harder the punches, the more times, the player wins

8, After the end of the game, enter the leaderboard, ranking the team’s total results

Interactive archery simulation


We own top bow and arrow maintenance deployment technology, professional bow and arrow knowledge, and archery skills teaching. You can enjoy the real experience of archery by using professional bow and arrow. Difficulty level can be freely chosen. It brings entertainment as well as exercise of your abdomen and vertebrae.

Formation: archery track+ target

Play Time: 10-20 minutes

Capacity: one person/ archery track

Track length:8-12 meters

Size: can be customized

Interactive golf simulation

Interactive golf simulation

Adopt industry-leading professional technology to create a high-fidelity stroking environment, it presents you with a realistic golf play experience. You can select 3D course mode, online competition mode, practice mode, teaching mode and game entertainment mode. Integrating years of independent research and development strength, to present you with a real golf ball hitting experience, it supports Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English four language modes.

Interactive bowling simulation

Interactive bowling simulation

Interactive projection bowling is a brand-new bowling experience. It projects the dynamic game screen onto the fairway. It uses intelligent recognition technology and ultra-precise motion tracking technology to realize the interaction between players and the game. The game perfectly brings magic and amazing bowling experience to the player. We have adult interactive bowling and children interactive bowling.

Laser Tag

Laser tag playground
Laser tag playground

The recommended area is 150 square meters, including all the walls in the museum that need to avoid obstacles. The theme of the scene can be made into anti-terrorism, training, competition, etc

Wonka Playground will help to design your park, supply tailor-made equipment, and provide on-site installation and maintenance. Our highly experienced and passionate experts guide you every step of the way, from site selection, budget&financing, design, production, shipment, installation, operation experience to after-sales service, ensuring the success of your enterprise. We will make your trampoline park family-friendly, inclusive of all ages and skill types and encourage people to move and connect, celebrating life’s most memorable moments.

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