How to plan functional area in play center?

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How to plan a functional area in the play center?

The play center is suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old. Parents and children have the opportunity to learn and socialize in different play areas through the game. Let’s see which functional area can be planed in it.

Play area division of the play center

The play center is generally divided into several different play areas. The most attractive part is structure play games, it can improve children’s sports skills, practice crawling and so on. Children roll, jump, climb and find new things in every corner, it is very good to stimulate children’s adventurous spirit.

Another important area is the toddler area, there are soft play, wall games, interactive projector games, electric toys, role-playing toys, etc. Here it can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination while allowing children to participate in physical activities. Meanwhile, It can improve child’s hand-eye coordination with a variety of visually stimulating graphics and pleasing acoustics.

In addition, the nursery room is a big spotlight where children can rest or the mother who needs to nurse their baby.

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Party is a favorite for children

In the play center, you can hold private parties such as children’s birthday party and family reunion. Parents can comfortably enjoy refreshments at the party or have fun with their children.
For kids, having a party in a play center is their happiest thing. For example, a few days after the children’s birthday celebration, they still talk about the fun on this day.

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Art& Craft area

It is very hot and popular area favored by both parents and children. They can learn to make cakes, painting, build blocks. It provides a chance for interactions between parents and kids.

Arcade games area

It is a perfect place for parents where they enjoy their fun by playing different exciting arcade games. They will no longer watch their kids playing while they have nothing to do. It helps to bring more revenue to play center business. Parents will go back more times for consuming here.

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