Safe inspection of soft play equipment is very important to children indoor playground

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With the continuous development of children’s playground industry, the government has introduced the relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, the operators need to do good work in safety management. The practice has proved that good management of children’s soft play equipment can effectively reduce accidents.

In addition, the normal running of soft play equipment directly affects the child’s personal safety, and also affects the normal operation of children’s playground. In order to provide a secure environment, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of soft play equipment. So what should we do when we have a daily check on children’s soft play equipment?

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Check  connectors

The connectors matter firmness of whole playground equipment,  operators should always check whether the connection parts are loose or not. Once finding something wrong, we must tighten in time to avoid accidents.

Check soft play equipment

The soft play equipment has gradually become a major form of children playground. It can maximize the designer’s inspiration and also can provide anti-bump protection for children. However,  once the soft play is damaged, the exposed part will hurt children. Operators should regularly check the soft parts. Once finding the damaged parts, the operator should promptly repair them, so as to protect the child.

Check circuit

Lighting and electric playground equipment are running on power. Therefore, the circuit repair work is also essential. In addition to checking aging and damage of the wire, operators also need to check whether each playground equipment is running normally. By doing so, it can avoid harming to children and give you a better customer experience.

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Cleaning clutter

Children will inevitably climb, roll, lie and other actions in the children playground. If there is debris on the ground, it is easy to hurt the child. Therefore, the staff needs to regularly check the site whether there is debris, if any, to clean up in time.

In short, the operator should do well in safety management of children’s soft play equipment, so as to reduce the incidence of accidents. In addition, this can also improve the customer’s playing experience.


One thought on “Safe inspection of soft play equipment is very important to children indoor playground

  1. Jordan says:

    We’re getting a new playground in our neighborhood, and I think that safety inspections would be good to have done. I like that you talked about how there are laws and regulations for playgrounds, which I think is good to know. I’m going to have to see if we can find some professional playground inspections and suggest that they get them done! Thanks!

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