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As we know, different commercial indoor playground equipment, the prices will be a big difference. Wonka playground provides some specific designs and prices for your reference. Now, let us introduce some basic information about commercial indoor playground equipment and what are the main cost included, you will have a clear budget for buying it. Whenever […]

Indoor playgrounds, also known as the indoor jungle gym, are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. Today, it has evolved from simpleindoor climbing toys to multifunctional family entertainment center ideas that include innovative used indoor play equipment serving different age groups. Most of the investors know that kids indoor […]

How to plan a functional area in the play center? The play center is suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old. Parents and children have the opportunity to learn and socialize in different play areas through the game. Let’s see which functional area can be planed in it.   Play area division of […]

Wonka Playground thinks new children playground games are important for the supplier and children playground. The traditional children’s zone is a simple sale of products, such as a baby carriage, toys, clothes and so on. After buying, parents may stop shopping because many children’s goods are not a necessity. As a result, the children’s area […]

The popularity of the equipment in the children playground has always been a hot spot for investors to focus on. Whether the popular indoor playground equipment conforms to the children’s liking, to a large extent, affects passenger flow, determines the playground’s revenue. It is so important, therefore, we recommend some popular indoor playground equipment for investors. […]

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