The characteristic of the family entertainment center in Asian countries

indoor playground of family entertainment center

In recent years, the indoor playground market is very prosperous, so more and more Asian countries open the family entertainment centers.  We accomplished a lot of projects with area size from more than 2,000 square meters to 30 square meters. Through the analysis, we find different characters of the family entertainment center in different  Asian countries.

The characteristic of Indian family entertainment center

80% of Indian customers prefer cartoon style; sometimes, they also choose jungle theme or Ocean theme. They try to make full use of family entertainment center area and plan indoor playground equipment as many as possible. Play structure games is a necessity; meanwhile, toddler games, sandpit, birthday party room, inflatable bouncer, ball pool are basic parts in the family entertainment centers. The area size is not big, it is not very often to see 1000-2000 square meter.

The characteristic of Malaysian family entertainment center

Malaysian customers do not have a fixed color theme; instead, they choose their own special style. The play games are various and have clear zones: the toddler zone, party zone, parent rest zone, structure games zone. They focus a lot on details, like color, decorations. They like to select the latest indoor playground equipment and update it from time to time.

The characteristic of Thailand family entertainment center

Many customers from Thailand purchase outdoor playground equipment for park or school. Not many customers will buy indoor playground equipment, but once they choose to open a family entertainment center, their area size is big(from 1,000-2,000 square meter). It is a comprehensive play center, including the arcade games, VR games, indoor jungle gym, trampoline park coffee room, which provides entertainment for both parents and children. The new play equipment will appear and attract more customers.

The characteristic of Vietnam family entertainment center

Most of the play centers in Vietnam are equipped with classic games, like ball pool, trampoline, slide, and soft obstacles. They seldom choose the new play equipment and will not separate different zones. Rope course, interactive games, trampoline park is very few to see.

In general, each country has its own style and preference. It differs because of the market, consumption level, culture, climate, and economic development. It can not say who is the best. Choosing the most suitable style is a wise decision. There is no need to follow other people’s steps, doing the best of yourself.

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