In addition to shooting ,what else of VR games?

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With the recession of the VR game craze, people’s enthusiasm for VR gradually weakened. VR game market has gradually become deserted. So, it is time for 9d VR cinema supplier to deeply think: what  VR can bring to games? And what kind of VR games we can make?

Speak of  VR games,  most people think of shooting games for the first thought;  holding a  gun at the enemy for a mess, or cautiously hiding in a corner to fight zombies. All in all, shooting are the best games they experience on VR for most people.

vr shooting

Why do people like shooting games?

The reason is very simple: shooting games can bring the most refreshing experience.  The current hardware is limited,  we have to wear a heavy helmet, hold the handler to enter the VR world. If your computer CUP is not good, you may have to endure low speed to play. In such very poor external conditions, VR games must bring a very strong sensory stimulation, so players forget the bad external conditions, wholeheartedly sink into the virtual world.

The shooting game is undoubtedly the best choice. In the face of innumerable enemies, you no longer have any assistance other than the gun in your hand. This scene is the most exciting, the player gets into a state of tension, forget the heavy helmet and other unfavorable things in the game experience, just want to quickly destroy the enemy. In this way, the game is popular, the players also won the excellent gaming experience. It is the same for horror games, which can make players feel nervous and fearful and forget external conditions.

There is another factor, due to hardware limitations, long time VR games will make players feel dizzy and other uncomfortable feelings. In other words, it is impossible for VR games players to play dozens of hours like pc games players.  Many PC games are slow, the protagonist is relatively weak and gradually become stronger, at last experience the cool feeling.

vr game

9D VR cinema supplier should develop new game types

So if you want to get a good gaming experience for players, 9D VR cinema supplier should reach the  two requirements:

1, strong sensory stimulation
2, quick start, fast-paced game

As long as the supplier can meet these two requirements, the player can forget the external conditions within a limited playing time and dedicate himself to the virtual world.

Sports games are also a good choice; and of that sports,like badminton, table tennis, tennis, do not require much running and too much movement (compared to football, basketball Such sports), can meet these two conditions; but players need to be very familiar with this sport.

The other is the rhythmic category of music. The fast pace makes people indulge in. At first, it feels a bit awkward, but after a short jump, players completely forget the embarrassment and completely sinks into the dance.

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