How to make money for the small indoor playground?

small indoor playground

For medium and small indoor playground, how does the investor make a profit? As one professional child commercial indoor playground equipment supplier, Wonka Playground will give some suggestion in this article and hope it will provide help to investors.

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small commercial indoor playground for kids

small indoor playground for kids

small commercial indoor playground

mini indoor playground

How can a small indoor playground make money? Nowadays, the interaction between parent and child is increasing, the indoor playground becomes the standard facility for the major cities or major commercial districts; the playground future is bright;  today, we will study about the small playground. Surrounded by a large playground, how can small playground stand out and make the profit?

The advantages of a large playground

The large experiential children playground is located in the business circle and develops with the commercial real estate. Geographical advantages, abundant funds, the full set of various games, perfect recruiting and staff training, all of these small playgrounds cannot match. The survival of large children playground has been obvious, then how does the small playground survive and grow?

The large children playground have capital, resources, and geographical competitive advantage, their customers are accumulating, their projects finish one by one;  However, it does not mean that small playground cannot make the profit. If you follow these tips step by step,  it is not difficult to make it.


First, the small indoor playground management model

For one indoor playground, it needs the manager, cashier, service personnel, maintenance staff; each position has labor division. The manager needs to list the job responsibilities and supervise the staff implements it. One person can have multiple roles according to the size of the indoor playground. At this point, the small indoor playground can learn from the way of a family entertainment center.

sand pit

Second, games combinations in the small indoor playground 

At present, a better market profit model is a  better combination of games. It basically includes indoor soft play and children arcade games.

In the end, how should we do in order to meet the rules of the market and make money?

A well-functioning  indoor playground has a combination of static and dynamic, mainly with indoor soft play and children arcade game machine but also other matching services, such as cold drinks, gifts, fast food, leisure, sports, interactive actives; For example,one 400 square meter small indoor playground, it should mix, about 60% indoor soft play, 20% arcade games , 10% bar, 10% of the spare area, which is relatively low-cost configuration.

If the budget is relatively high, take 10% out for the VR games. In such a small indoor playground, its main profit is from children game and bar gift sales and catering, the other can only be regarded as capital or attractions.

children game machine

Third,  overall operation way

For more than 1,000 square meters indoor playground, it should have various kinds of games, besides indoor soft play, small carousel, rail trains, bumper cars, children simulation traffic driving, and other matching games can be added. If the funds are sufficient, the operator can use the indoor playground management system. The management system will save a lot of daily work; of course, the price is relatively high.

ball pool

For small indoor playground, soft play and children arcade games are the best operation way.

In short, these are just necessary steps; if a small indoor playground wants to make money, it also needs as well as services, health, promotion, and other soft conditions.

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