popular indoor playground equipment

The popularity of the equipment in the children playground has always been a hot spot for investors to focus on. Whether the popular indoor playground equipment conforms to the children’s liking, to a large extent, affects passenger flow, determines the playground’s revenue. It is so important, therefore, we recommend some popular indoor playground equipment for investors. […]

kids arcade

Playing is not only good for children’s growth, but also the way to explore the world. Therefore, an indoor playground that allows children to play freely becomes a great demand. kids arcade plays an important part in the children indoor playground.  So, how should we manage the kids’ arcade game machine? Management of  kids arcade […]

video game in the indoor play center

Children’s video game makes use of sound, light, electricity, color and other elements ingeniously, so children’s arcade game equipment is full of fun and very popular in the market. But the cost of children’s game facilities is relatively high. So, configuring children’s game facilities are very important for the indoor playground, It can not only attract […]

claw machine

How hot is the claw machine?  In shopping malls, cinemas, indoor playground, subways, even in alleys, you can see this self-service terminal with dolls. Everyone knows its strong ability to absorb money. But how to solve the operating problem of the claw arcade machine games? We will address these issues below. In recent two years, […]